The Death of Ms. Marvel… For Now

The Death of Ms. Marvel… For Now

The Twitter Stans are freaking out over the death of Kamala Khan.

Because Twitter Stans are retards. There is simply no way in Hell that current year Ms. Marvel would be allowed to die and stay dead. She has repeatedly been given new comics and they are always canceled. She doesn’t even have her own title at the moment but she is still be used all the time. You know damn good and well that a strong Muslim girl of color will never be permanently killed off. She is not Mar-Vell.

The Mar-Vell version of Captain Marvel was a different matter, I don’t know for certain what happened but part of it involved settling long standing legal issues with DC that were finally locked down in 1982. That is supposedly the reason he has stayed dead all this time. The fact is, I have never heard the same reason twice for Mar-Vell staying off the stage for 40 years other than he wasn’t popular and they didn’t know what to do with him. That has NEVER stopped Marvel and certainly wouldn’t stop the current crop of window-lickers that are raping the corpse of Marvel Comics, so legal reasons make the most sense to me.

Mind you there really shouldn’t be any reason to keep Kamala Khan around if not knowing what to do with the character is the reason Mar-Vell is still dead. Because it is crystal clear that Marvel Comics doesn’t have the slightest fucking idea what to do with her either. Mostly because being a Muslim girl is the beginning and end of her character development. Because of DIE they can’t go the extra step of giving her some kind of motivation that drives her to be a hero.

Little girl wants to be a super heroine when she grows up. She grows up and becomes a super heroine. Real exciting character arc there. No flaws she needs to overcome. No great mistake she is trying to make up for. Nothing besides wanting to be a superhero Stan.

Making her an aspirational hero like the original Billy Batson could work but current year Marvel Inc is fundamentally revolted by the idea. Being good for the sake of goodness is fundamentally incomprehensible to them.

Then there is the unbelievably obvious problem of killing off a character right before she gets her own $250 million movie. So this tells us a few things. One, KK isn’t staying dead (obviously). Two, her “death” was ordered from on high at Marvel, which means that it has to tie into something to do with the movie.

Now it’s time for wild speculation on my part. Kamala Khan is going to be resurrected as a the new Captain Marvel. Brie Larson recent streak of various “I don’t give a shit anymore” comments and actions indicate that the Marvels is her last outing as Captain Marvel. She is not under contract beyond that point, which means the Captain Marvel title is suddenly going to be open. They could still give it to Monica Rambeau, but I’m not picking up any smoke signals in that direction.

Marvel Studios thinks they’ve got something with Iman Vellini and truthfully they do. However, they seem to think they’ve got a new Tom Holland and I not so sure they have that. Although, that might explain why there still isn’t a new Spiderman movie being announced yet. $1.9 billion and there still is no announcement of a next movie in the series despite Feige claiming it’s a done deal.

If Hollywood was something other than insane then my assumption would be that they were setting up a romance between Kamala Khan and Peter Parker. Hence the need to give Ms. Marvel a promotion so she can be the senior partner in the relationship. We’ll see.


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