Jonathon Majors Has Been Dropped by His Management

Jonathon Majors Has Been Dropped by His Management

Management 360 has dropped Jonathon Majors. This is pretty bad news for him. However, at the time of this writing, his Agency WME (William Morris/Endeavor) is still repping him.

For the benefit of those who aren’t familiar with the difference.

A talent agency is supposed to go out and find work for the actor/actress/writer/whatever. The agents represent them to the studios trying to land them parts or if the talent is red hot and being pummeled by offers, sort through the best ones out there and handle the negotiations with the studio.

Talent Management handles things the public relations, arranging interviews, runs business matters, and speaks on the client’s behalf. They try to keep bad things from getting out and generally speaking try to ensure the client has a good career.

Ideally, there is an agreeable tension between the manager and the agent because management’s biggest job is to make sure the client’s talent agency doesn’t fuck them over. However, this doesn’t always happen. After all agents and managers have been known to swap career paths and therefore may value the agency’s well-being over the client’s. All management companies vehemently deny this ever happens but it somehow does.

When there is a crisis on, the actor in question really needs his management running interference for him. Management dropping a client means that they feel the crisis is too big for them to handle. This is bad news for Jonathon Majors as there have been rumors flying around that he has been dropped by Marvel. This is the kind of thing that Disney will NEVER announce if it can help it.

WME still hanging on to him means that either they think he can ride this thing out or they haven’t been paid for his last job yet and won’t fire him until then.


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