She’s Everything… He’s just Ken

She’s Everything… He’s just Ken

That was a quote from this season’s writers.

The Mandalorian just got the Jake Skywalker treatment in his own show.

This show is so unwatchable at this point, it really is a struggle to get through. Dave Filoni is the most over-estimated writer in the history of television. He did fine writing kids shows but he simply can’t step up and write genuinely mature themes for grownups. Also, he seems to have a waifu thing going with the totally amazing Bo Katon.

What I’m wondering is, was this show always this bad and I just couldn’t see it because I wanted there to be hope for Star Wars? Just to test this hypothesis I rewatched the season 1 premiere episode. I will go with ‘no’, it actually was good at first. Not great you understand, but good.

It had a nice spaghetti western, man with no name vibe going for it. At first, it looked like that was going to be all it was. Gun slinger rides into town, shoots the problem of the week, gunslinger rides back out of town. It worked as such. It wasn’t great but it was watchable. Then the Filoni-verse made its presence felt and it went off the rails into being Star Wars Rebels 2.

It feels like John Favereau just gave up. There is an air of fine fuck it, whatever, do what you want, I just don’t care anymore, this season. Pedro Pascal seemed to feel the same way while he was promoting the third season when he said he could be completely replaced on the show at this point.

I didn’t want to comment on The Mandalorian until I did a season review after the last episode but at this point, I’m seriously struggling from week to week just to mash play again every Wednesday. I may not make it to the end.

This episode was just embarrassingly bad. It was full of B-tier celebrity cameos, like Lizzo, Jack Black, and Christopher Loyd. Queen Disa 2.0 babysat Grogru and then knighted him at end of the episode.

The plot is that Bo Katan and Din are heading out to round up her stray Mandos. The start is so cringe I currently have one eye still clenched shut. Some prince of the Mon Calamari is in love with some other fish species girl-boss. At least I think the other love interest was female, so points? Mind you the prince was clearly the bottom in this relationship, female squid captain was daring, stoic, and brave. Anyway, Bo’s stray Mandos had hired out as mercenaries to snatch the prince of the Mon Calamari and take him home.

There is a pointless filler plot involving Jack Black, Lizzo, and Evil Doc Brown.

At the end of the show Din hands over the Dark Saber because when he was beaten by the crab cyborg on Mandalore, it disarmed him. And Bo Katan killed the crab cyborg. So, Bo Katan is now the queen of all Mandalorians again, thus cucking Din Djarin in his show.

I can’t help but get the feeling that John Favreau had seen both the Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi right before this was shot. He grabbed a bottle of Jamesons and locked himself in a closet and wouldn’t come out no matter how hard Dave Filoni was pounding on the door begging him to “Just say something so we know you’re still alive!”

So, The Mandalorian referenced in the title was always Bo Katan?

Sure. Why not? She can be the new Kathleen Kennedy self-insert.

The fundamental problem with the Filoni-verse is that it only had about 400K viewers on the regular, and 2.4 million at it’s absolute height. Stranger Things, it was not. Although, season 3 has accomplished one thing that no one ever thought was possible:

THIS, looks good now.

Only two episodes of The Womandalorian left, and that may be it for the entire series.

Okay, I’m done here.

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