Marvel Doubles Down on Rick and Morty Writers

Marvel Doubles Down on Rick and Morty Writers

This artwork is so bad.

Rick and Morty is a cartoon for grownups.

It’s okay I guess, but it’s a cartoon for grownups and frankly a pretty overrated one.  It’s not going to be remembered alongside the Simpsons, South Park or even Venture Brothers.  And you can just forget about it being held up to any halfway-decent anime title. 

For those of you who have never seen it, don’t bother it’s gone way downhill in recent years but at its height, it was basically a gross-out comedy about a couple of Doc Brown and Marty McFly stand-ins having comedy adventures in the multiverse.  In fairness, there have been some episodes that are pretty funny.

That said, you would never think the writers could make it in live-action, but Kevin Feige did and I’m afraid this has become a major issue for Marvel. 

The Rick and Morty Gang of Three at Marvel are:

Jessica Gao; the showrunner/showruiner of She-Hulk.  She’s the one that built the show around “trolling the trolls,” she thought this was clever and oh-so meta.  Gao was also firmly of the opinion that she had totally nailed it, by taking the legitimate fan criticisms of Captain Marvel and applying them to She-Hulk. No dipshit, we weren’t upset “because she got her powers for no reason.”  That was always She-Hulk’s thing, and we were totally cool with it.  What we weren’t cool with was your turning fun, sweet, flirty, and sexy Shulkie into a slutty and obnoxiously abrasive wine aunt.   I will admit to being amused by the Doomcock masks on your internet trolls but only because it proved how much free rent he takes up in your heads.

Jeff Loveness; was the writer of Antman and Wasp: Quantomania. This is the guy that thought the audience would find Kang the Conqueror sympathetic if he lost repeatedly.  Okay, writing 101, a compelling villain is indeed critically important.  Making him a lovable loser is not one of the approved methods of doing this because above all things the villain has to be an unstoppable threat to the hero (well heroine, this is the MSheU after all). Jeff is now asking people for sympathy because his movie flopped.

Michael Waldron; I saved the best for last my Darklings.  This is the guy who wrote Loki. This is the retard who thought he would be making the Time Variance Authority seem all-powerful if he “made the Infinity Stones bullshit compared to what the TVA does.”  At that point, you had ten years of fairly weighty lore that general audiences were deeply invested in and Waldron turned it into bullshit.  More importantly, Kevin Feige was happy to let him do it.  This told audiences in no uncertain terms, the thing you are deeply invested in has absolutely no value to us whatsoever.  And over the next three years, Marvel proved it. 

Well, anyone can make a big mistake.  I’ve certainly done so, but it takes a special kind of stupid to double down on something you know is stupid.

Waldron was also the guy who grunted out a steaming mound of script for Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. So, Loki was not a one-time mistake but guess who just got a massive development deal from Marvel? He’s still slated to write Avengers: Secret Wars. And Jeff Loveness is still writing Avengers: Kang Dynasty.

If you heard that Disney/Marvel is having second thoughts about the direction they are taking, you can now discard them as baseless rumors.  Make no mistake, Bob Iger wasn’t brought back by Black Rock, Vanguard, and Nike to save Disney.  He was brought back to save the Woke.  

Iger has made it explicitly clear that THE MESSAGE will be protected so long as he’s at Disney, they just need to be more entertaining while they inject it into the world.  

In short, Disney always doubles down for the same reason SJWs double down, there is no longer any difference between the two.

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