Blogs and Ends: The Kalends of March Edition

Blogs and Ends: The Kalends of March Edition

Okay technically not the Kalends but not the Ides either.  Quit complaining, you nearly didn’t get a post tonight.


Seth Rogan’s long-dreaded Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show finally dropped its first trailer.

It was so close to good.  

Right up until we get to see the new April O’Neil.

Yep, Antifa O’Neil is now race-swapped, body positive, and beautiful in a different way.  Granted I’m not a mutated amniote so maybe they do find her attractive, I hope not but it’s a Seth Rogen production so it all depends on how many bales he smoked the morning he wrote it.  For that matter, I’m pretty sure one of the turtles got a sex change or may simply identify as a woman.  My money is on the Trans turtle.

I’m really looking forward to his Rogen’s on Dream Finder and Figment.

Oh no,

Sausage Party got a sequel.


Atari just celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. 

Now your reaction to that news is probably a pretty understandable “Are you fucking serious?  I thought it was out of business.”

The company has died repeatedly but the brand keeps rising from the grave.  I thought it was just nostalgia bait but there were quite a few titles that Infogames seems to have shoveled under the Atari umbrella. How the hell do they have Blood and Blood 2? I know damn good and well they were created by Monolith and Monolith is owned by Warner Games, not Atari. 

Okay, I checked. GT Interactive owned the rights, then they got scooped up by Infogames which decided their name was lame and switched to Atari when they acquired the brand.

Whatever. Don’t care.  The Atari 2600 is the only console I will ever admit to having loved.  I traded it for a discount on a Commodore 64.  I made my choice; I stand by it.

Moving on.


A nice little tribute to Raquel’s One Million Years BC.

I had no idea it was originally supposed to star Ursula Andres.  Truth be said, she was every bit as wooden as Raquel but she also had certain and undeniable magnetism in her prime. 

She was the perfect choice to play She.

If you haven’t read any of Haggard’s work, I understand.  He was a product of the proto-pulp era but he was also the father of high adventure.  There wouldn’t have been an Indiana Jones without him and the original work still has an ability to compel. A friend of mine makes a fairly strong argument for Aeisha being Tolkien’s inspiration for Galadriel. Honestly, I can see it.


The reason I missed my usual deadline is that I got swept up in Chuck Dixon’s new novel.  I should be putting up a book discussion by the end of the week. 

Assuming I didn’t just call down the wrath of heaven by making a rash prediction. 

Okay, I’m done here.

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