Antman 3 or Cocaine Bear, Which Blows More?*

Antman 3 or Cocaine Bear, Which Blows More?*

I originated the role!
How was I not cast?!

While Cocaine Bear did just barely beat out Antman 3 in the domestic box office take on Friday, Antman 3 pulled ahead on Saturday and Sunday but Cocaine Bear was nipping at his heels the whole way. 

Weekend take for the third and now final Antman movie was a cadaverous $32.4 million on its second freaking weekend! The first movie in Marvel’s Phase V was down 70% from last weekend. That is not a box office crash that is a leap into a black hole.  Appropriate for Antman I suppose but godawful news for the house that Feige broke.  A worldwide second weekend final take of $363 million is nothing short of horrifying. 

Antman got mauled by Cocaine Bear.

(Okay, when you cover movie news do you just automatically start writing like this?  Is it a hardwired human reflex?)

Anyway, Cocaine Bear performed well above index.  I haven’t seen it yet but, since there isn’t enough of a marketing budget to bribe critics an RT score of 70%, is probably fair.  By all accounts, it’s a film that knows what it wants to be and delivers on it. This 1980s coke-fueled ursine black comedy ain’t promising anything but some dumb, grody to the max fun and it delivers.  The FBO is non-existent because it hasn’t opened up overseas yet.

There was Good News for Jesus Revolution.

(I swear, my finger capitalized ‘good news’ before, I could stop them)

The 1970s faith-based film from Kingdom Story Company pulled down $15 million, which again was above index. 

In case this one was nowhere on your radar here’s the trailer:

Satan’s children AKA the professional critics gave it 55% positive on RT.  I looked over the reviews and frankly, you could tell some of them hadn’t seen the movie and the rest wrote their reviews on the way to the theater.  

Audience Score was 99% poss. 

I think I know which group to trust on this one. 

In summary:  Movie ticket prices have risen 30% since the last Antman movie was launched and the raw, unadjusted take is significantly lower than the second Antman movie.  It’s going to leg out somewhere in an unheard-of $500 million territory. Or at least unheard of for a Marvel movie.  Disney is losing money on this one.  There will be no toy sales and since they send everything straight to Disney +, the theatrical take is it for Antman and the Wasp: Quantomania.   Iger can get away with blaming Chapek for this one but the only hope on the horizon for Marvel is Guardians of the Galaxy 3. There is absolutely nothing past it that is of any interest to general audiences.

This is the beginning of the end for Marvel.

Okay, I’m done here.  

*I tried to come up with something better involving Antman 3, Cocaine Bear, and Blow.  Sorry, it was the best I could do.  If you got better put it in the comments on Social Galactic.

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