Elizabeth Banks’ Last Chance

Elizabeth Banks’ Last Chance

Elizabeth Banks’ has been on the fail train since she directed Charlie’s Angels.

Bank’s started as an actress in the 00s, and she didn’t do badly. She got a lot of film work and if she wasn’t quite the lead, she was a name that was recognized by average moviegoers. Or at least the name was familiar. She was clearly “The blonde from that thing. You know who I mean…” She was that kind of famous.

Bank’s certainly had comedic timing and you can’t get that from a Hollywood surgeon. It’s there or it’s not.

Like I said, she was doing well for a while. However, after headlining in Zack and Miri Make a Porno her light started to fade.

Her last really big role was Weirdly Dressed Blonde from the Hunger Games movies.

Credit where it’s due Banks accepted the reality of her Hollywood Actress Palm Crystal turning blinking red and she moved into directing.

Charlies Angels was her highest profile film to date and that resume stain is not something a sane person would want on their cover letter. She was able to float her career in the wake of that disaster by blaming the Toxic Man Babies Who Live In Thier Mother’s Basements.

However the year is 2023 and she is now fighting for her life in Hollywood.

Hence the upcoming launch of the profoundly shlockly, Cocaine Bear.

And after looking at the trailer, I’m here for it. I honestly, want to see this one much more than I do anything by Marvel, Lucasfilm, Disney or Amazon Prime.

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