First Impressions: Black Adam

First Impressions: Black Adam

Prepare yourself for a shock

The critics are lying through their teeth.

Black Adam is excellent.

Although the reason why the critics are lying is the really important issue here. Everyone is assuming they are trying to punish David Zaslav for shutting down various Woke projects at Warner Brothers.

But I strongly suspect that the real reason it’s getting a bunch of bad reviews is that Black Adam is a nationalist movie.

It’s an accidental nationalist movie. I’m quite sure it was trying to have an anti-colonizer message but they ran into an issue they weren’t looking for, “anti-colonizer” is nationalism’s retarded little brother.

It doesn’t take a lot to turn an “anti-colonizer” message into a nationalist one.

The real review goes up Monday. It will either be Recommends with Enthusiasm or Confidence.

Bottom line: If you were planning on seeing this movie and the bad critical reception put you off, go ahead and see it.

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