Blogs and Ends Interview With An Emotional Vampire

Blogs and Ends Interview With An Emotional Vampire

Way back in high school I got talked into reading Interview With the Vampire. Why? Because I was young and stupid. Yes, it involved a girl, who fortunately never took an interest in me. Possibly, getting me to agree to read it was some form of shit test, and given how her life turned out, I couldn’t be happier to have failed the test.

Few can agree on why the fetish of two attractive women having sex is arousing in some men. But at least there are theories.

No one on Earth can figure out why there are women who are so into gay men having sex. As silly as straight men find these women, gay men apparently, find them hilarious. Favorite quote: “Seriously honey, you expect us to talk about doing it way too much.”

There is no question at all that Anne Rice was one of these women. In fairness to Rice, she preferred to paint her fetish in subtle tones unless she was writing as A.N. Roquelaure. Regardless, in the new Interview With a Vampire TV show on AMC, the mask is drop-kicked out the window. Explicitly gay, plus Diverse and Intersectional.

I didn’t watch it but Jlongbone did for me.

Favorite Line (When the black guy becomes a vampire): He stole his melanin!


Oh, what fresh hell is this?

Apparently, Namor Prince of Atlantis is the king of the Sea Mayans now, and they speak Spanish instead of Mayan. His name used to mean Avenging Son. Now it means Little Boy Who Was Never Loved. This does not appear to be a joke. They are serious about this. This is what they have done to Marvel’s second-oldest character.

I suspect that this script was written a while back. Probably while Chadwick Boseman was still alive and Universal still had the rights to Namor and Hulk. Hulu was started as a joint project of Disney, Fox, and Universal each being equal partners. Then Disney bought out Fox and suddenly owned 2/3rds of Hulu which was not the agreement Universal signed up for. Bob Iger being Bob Iger offered to buy out Universal’s stake in Hulu for $24 billion to be paid in 2024. Universal’s license for Hulk and Namor was canceled as a sweetener.

Consequently, they just slapped Namor’s name on this character, declared that this is him now, and wait for the likes of John Campea to declare him canonical.

All of the metrics are very weak for this movie.


Black Adam appears to have legs. Its second-week take was down 50% and trust me when I say for a superhero movie in 2022 that is very good. It doesn’t have much competition for next weekend. The guesswork is that the China release (which it is getting) along with a drop of only 22% next weekend will put it on track to finally leg out at around $600 million. Not as good as The Batman but not hopeless either.

From what I’ve heard it was a lot more Woke before Zaslav took over. The girls were the real stars. It was cobbled together in the editing room so it was bound to have some fundamental issues.


Star Wars

Star Wars doesn’t even rate its own separate post unless it’s a really slow news day.

Andor is a failure. The numbers are terrible. And the sad part is it’s actually pretty good, even if it isn’t remotely Star Wars. There are always rumors of Kathleen Kennedy getting fired or retiring or getting promoted out of Lucasfilm and honestly who gives a fuck at this point? Star Wars is dead and there is so much ill feeling in the fandom, there is no way it can be saved.

But it can still be a source of bitter laughter. There is a blog called Puck that is run by Jon Kelly who has real connections in Hollywood so when he claimed that Kathleen Kennedy had been ordered by Chapek to stop making Star Wars announcements, it had teeth, everyone in Hollywood believes what he has to say. Her Star Wars projects have ended in trainwrecks so often the announcements had become an embarrassment to Disney.

As is typical, Kennedy immediately asserted her power in a silly and stupid way. She had a project leaked. Unnamed Star Wars movie, which is going to be directed by the director of the Ms. Marvel TV series and it will be written by Damon Lindelof. This was leaked as if it was some major win. Lindelof is co-creator of Lost and was the showrunner of the disastrous Watchmen TV series on HBO. He has, however, consistently failed upward in Hollywood which means his name does have a sort of cache with The Club. Ms. Marvel was a sweet little failure that Woklings claimed they loved but never actually watched. I’ve had to look at worse thing than Ms. Marvel but that’s the only thing I can give it. Attaching these names to this unnamed project means that its only purpose is to impress The Club. Given the level of talent and past performance involved, this flick can’t be anything more than a made-for-Disney + series. And that is assuming that reality is faced by the corporate ownership of Disney, later rather than sooner. The disengagement by the fanbase is so severe today, the most sensible thing is to shut down all Star Wars productions and stuff the IP in the vault for ten years.

Okay, I’m done here.

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