Comrade Mickey’s Funtime Struggle Session Workbook

Comrade Mickey’s Funtime Struggle Session Workbook

I know a lot of you have to have wondered, how on Earth did Mickey the Great and Terrible destroy his own phanes and temples so thoroughly and so completely?

Well, he had a lot of help. Bob Chapek deserves a lot more credit for this disaster than he ever gets. There are still a bunch of people convinced he was a good man trying his best. Yet the worst of the damage done to Disney was under his watch. All of the problems that developed with the parks were started when he was chairman of Parks and Experiences. He was the head guy there.

While it was Iger that brought on Latonda Newton, it was Chapek who let her off the leash when he became CEO. I knew what was going on was bad but finding out the details is skin-crawling.

WDWPro was contacted by a whistleblower who brought the actual slides:

(Employees of the Disney company) continuing employment, opportunities for advancement, bonuses and salary increases were all dependent on showing this “virtue diary” and documenting all the DEI meetings and conferences they attended. In other words, if you wanted to keep your job, you were required to participate in the DEI indoctrination sessions.

The whistleblower further reveals that when the “My Not-So-Secret-Gay Agenda” videos from Disney’s woke “Reimagine Tomorrow” initiative were leaked, former “Chief Diversity Officer” Thon Newton issued the official corporate lie that these videos were “fake news” and instructed Disney employees to deny that they were real.

The whistleblower then revealed that if Disney’s DEI Police saw a Disney employee making any kind of traditionalist or conservative statement online, that person would be summoned to a Human Resources “meeting” and demanded to explain why they transgressed against the one true faith.

WDW_Pro notes that this intolerable intolerance had the desired effect of driving away almost all conservative-leaning or committed Christian workers at Disney.

The whistlebower says that Thon Newton also instituted a policy in which any minority — a member of the DEI coalition — must be seriously considered for any job he or she applied for, even if he lacked the very most basic, essential requirements for the job. Even for highly technical positions, job prerequisites were waved for DEI candidates.

Which tells you right there how Disney has gone so far downhill so fast. Incompetents were being hired left and right. In my experience it usually is 20% of the people doing 80% of the work, consequently, it’s always pretty easy to tolerate some useless mouths to feed. Those drones were tolerable in Don Draper’s day because they were invariably a hot blonde with a gorgeous rack and a taste for low necklines. Now that drone is a screaming purple-haired, sexually unidentifiable schizophrenic who can get you fired if he/she/zhe/zee/IT doesn’t like the way you looked at them.

The 20% who got all the work done at Disney have left the building. Sure they put up with it long enough to pick up another job but they are gone now and it shows.

It was Thon Newtwon’s department that also destroyed one of the most important sources of revenue for Disney: Advertisement sales. Aside from having to put up with all of the above, the sales force also got firm directives about which show was to get the highest paying ads (basically crap like The Proud Family, Louder and Prouder). Think about that for a second, the highest-paying ad space companies want the highest-rated programs, instead, they are getting time slots on unwatched shows. Which means they are leaving.

Worse still, the sales force was discouraged from trying to sell ad space to companies whose ESG scores were too low. Never mind if they had money burning a hole in their pockets, ready to spend on fine Disney ad space. If the company wasn’t Woke enough, fuck them. Go sell ad space to Target and Penzey’s Spices.

Naturally, the salesman’s bonuses were now based on these things instead of, you know making the most money for Disney. And as naturally as every LucasFilm show is shit, the top salesmen left Disney.

Disney is now at a point where it can no longer fulfill its primary functions.

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