Unshocking Kenobi Leaks

Unshocking Kenobi Leaks

Yep. It’s a Kathleen Kennedy show.


There are now some late in the day leaks about Kenobi. And of course, he gets the Luke Skywalker treatment from Kathleen Kennedy.

From That Park Place:

“Star Wars will be retconned so that Obi-Wan Kenobi failed to protect Luke Skywalker… and in fact an inquisitor had the opportunity to kill him as a boy. However, out of goodness in her heart, she overcomes the desire to kill him and instead sacrifices her own life by being killed by Darth Vader himself. In that regard, Obi-Wan Kenobi will be made a failure twice-over: he will have now failed to save Anakin from becoming Vader AND failed to actually protect Luke from the Empire. Only by luck and the good-hearted nature of an inquisitor will Luke be spared. A woman of color will have filled in for an incompetent Kenobi and then given her life to the rage of a white man behind a mask.”

Oh, good.

Now Ben Kenobi gets cucked too. Baby Luke is saved by the inherent superior morality of a POC whamen. And honestly, what the fuck would it have mattered if Luke had died? Luke didn’t save anything, he just kicked the can down the road until Rey could save the universe. And don’t give me the argument that if it hadn’t been for the actions of Luke the universe Rey was born into wouldn’t have existed. Given what Star Wars canon is like at this point, you can be certain that the cosmos itself would have called Rey into existence in an act of spontaneous generation.

She is just that special.

I can’t wait for Indiana Jones 5

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