The Dark Herald Recommends Netflix The Tinder Swindler with Reservations

The Dark Herald Recommends Netflix The Tinder Swindler with Reservations

There are two kinds of posts I swore I was done making because they brought two different yet very similar kinds of assholes out of the woodwork. 

(1) Gun posts bring out the Gun Gamma Mall Ninjas, like moths to a flame.

(2) And Game posts are a signal flare for the Gun Gammas’ retarded cousins, the MGTOW Omegas. 

The first generation of MGTOWs were okayish.  They had actually had sex with many and various women on a regular basis and were just done with the whole pickup artist shtick and wanted to pursue their own interests.  

The second generation of MGTOWs aren’t okay in the least.  They are invariably Gamma Males.  They are also quitters who learned just enough about Game to identify the adverse selection traits that dictated they would never ever have the girl they wanted.  BUT they never tried to learn anything more about themselves. Let alone improve themselves to the point where a nice girl who was about a four or five would consider taking one of them off the market.  The only thing they want is for other men to quit trying with women and join them in incel misery, thus validating their pathetic lifestyle.

Netflix’s The Tinder Swindler demonstrates that there is a certain type of woman who is really no different. The Tumblrina’s more attractive sister the Tinderella. The woman who keeps saying there are no good men out there but when you find out what she means by “good man” it becomes laughably obvious that she is so entitled she feels she DESERVEs one of the males in the top 0.03% of the human race and will settle for nothing less, no matter how much of a hot drunken mess she is herself. And she is somehow convinced she will find her Prince Charming on of all places, Tinder.

The Tinder Swindler is a documentary about a group of women who got taken to the cleaners by an Israeli conman.  It’s kind of like Tiger King in a way, that I felt absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for anyone on this documentary.  

These women got tripped up by their own hypergamy.  They were willing to settle for nothing short of the man of their dreams and when they thought they found him, did everything they could snare him.  Including giving him all their money and going massively into debt for him. 

The documentary starts with a woman, (who has kissed farewell to thirty no matter what she is telling the producers on this show), on Tinder sweeping all the scrubs hard Left.  Suddenly she sees a (reasonably but not exceptionally) good-looking man sitting on a private plane, (or was it a yacht? I don’t remember and I’m not watching this show again to find out). She sweeps Right and Simon Leviev matches with her.  

On her first date, he sends a private car to pick her up and then flies her out to (exotic locale name here) on a private jet for dinner.  She finds out he is an Israeli diamond merchant.

That was enough to get the hook in her mouth. 

Now she did do a minimum of research an excited gold-digger is going to do.  She googled him to make sure that there is an Israeli named Leviev in the diamond business and as it turned out there is!  I’ve found my Prince.

Simon Leviev must have had balls of steel or been straight-up nuts to pretend he was the son of Lev Leviev.  Look maybe times have changed but back in the 1980s you did NOT screw around with Israeli diamond merchants, they kept first-class bone crushers on the payroll back then.  All the tough Jews moved to Israel a long time ago.

Shortly after that, Simon asks Tinderella “for a small favor.”  For reasons of international banking and high finance could she put him on her American Express account?  Which he quickly maxes out but not to worry, Simon has a cunning plan.  He’s going to list her as an employee of his company and say (but not pay) she has a six-figure income, so American Express will boost her line of credit. 

He probably soothed it over with some bullshit line like, ‘You have to learn to not be afraid of debt if you want to be a part of my world baby.’  He would also hint that he lived a life of danger.  The diamond business could get very rough.  

Despite the fact that any sensible girl’s alarm bells would have been ringing like a ten-alarm fire, she did it!  She was so drunk on her own hypergamy she did it.

She had the rich boy of her dreams snared and if all it took was a lifetime of debt to reel him in, then it was clearly a worthwhile investment.

Simon has three other women on the hook at this time.  Basically, all of these women were fronting the money needed to con each other while he banged a Russian fashion model on the regular and used her picture to help him fish for other women.  

I know it’s weird but it’s true.  Back when clubbing was how you got women it paid to have a female friend who was willing to show up to the club on your arm because even if you were an average-looking guy, you were suddenly the hottest prospect in the room.  

The clever bit was convincing his harem he was frequently in imminent danger from his enemies in the diamond business.  I was honestly impressed with the video he would send his marks showing the aftermath of an attack on him and his bodyguard Kronk on their way to the hospital.  

A rich guy who is clearly and obviously in imminent physical danger is like drinking five pitchers of martinis in five minutes to a woman like Tinderella.  It clouded her mind that freaking much.

Then comes another request for money.

“By the way, I need a small loan.  Remember that check I sent you for $100,000?  I need some of that back.  Bounced?!?!  The banks are screwing around with me because of my enemies.  They are trying to make sure I can’t fly and if I can’t fly, I can’t come see you.  Just send me the money, I’ll take of the rest when I see you. You know you can trust me, right?”

And she did it!!!

This guy finally got caught by a woman who wanted to gold dig him herself but was better with her research.  That lead to a news story which lead to this Netflix documentary.  It turned out that this guy had been either bouncing around the world or in jail for grifting for years.  What a shock.

Finally, the denouement, the aftermath. These women proudly learned… NOTHING. 

Tinderella is still trying to find Prince Charming on Tinder.  She and the rest of Simon’s marks got together to start a gofundme.  They wanted $800,000 as a goal and they are already above six figures.  They got in trouble and somebody else has to bail them out.

I wish I could say that they won’t get all the money they want, but they will likely get more.  White Knights learn even less from their mistakes than women like this.

This thing tried to take away my will to live.  I actually enjoyed watching Peacemaker after this.  You know what?  Forget the title of this piece.

The Dark Herald does NOT Recommend The Tinder Swindler.

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