We All Love The Last Jedi Now

We All Love The Last Jedi Now

No seriously, we’ve had a massive change of heart about it.

All of the shill sites are suddenly writing articles about how Star Wars fans have decided that the Last Jedi, is upon second viewing a few years down the road, a masterpiece. A brilliant and bold reimagining of Star Wars lore.  And that we are now all enthralled with how Luke’s character arc to recovering hope thanks to Rey is a wonderous thing that breathes new life into a franchise that was mired in past.  The surprise death of Snoke in the middle of a trilogy wasn’t narrative incompetence at all, the only real shame there is that The Rise of Skywalker didn’t continue down the road of having dreamy dark prince Kylo Ren stay on as the main villain.

All of the shill sites are hitting these exact same talking points almost overnight it seems.

All. Of. Them.

“Other users agree, saying it was nice to watch a Star Wars movie with an unpredictable plot and saying that it has “gloves off storytelling”. Many also say that in retrospect, the shock factor of unceremoniously killing off Snoke is very fun, though sadly the opportunity to focus on Kylo Ren as the core antagonist was never capitalized on.

Many replies also correctly identify that a big reason why The Last Jedi is seeing a big rehabilitation amongst fans is that it was followed by the truly dreadful The Rise of Skywalker. That film’s story was altered after Lucasfilm got paranoid after The Last Jedi hate, resulting in the boneheaded decision to bring Emperor Palpatine back and retcon Rey to be his granddaughter (neatly undercutting The Last Jedi‘s message that anyone can be a hero).”

Since we all know damn good and well that we still hate The Last Jedi, I have to wonder what is going on? 

Honestly, I don’t have to wonder at all.  I covered it yesterday.  Obi-Woke Kenobi comes out at the end of the month.  The rumors are that this is very much, Kathleen Kennedy Star Wars, combined with Woke bait and switch Disney, to include humiliating the white male protagonist of the show. 

There is no mention in any of these articles about The Mandalorian, other than a vague reference to “the fans” not liking the direction the TV shows are going.  Agreed, nobody liked BoBF, but if offered a choice between more Mando and more Reylo, I’ll take Baby Yoda every time. 

This is battlefield preparation to try and get the Reylos to back Kathleen Kennedy’s Star Wars.  Frankly, I doubt if Obi-Wan is going to do that well in streaming. But her position will survive a TV bomb.  If Indiana Jones 5 bombs… I’m disregarding any predictions that she’ll be finished because KK is clearly beloved by Woke Disney.  However, so long as she is making bad Star Wars, Disney will be getting closer and closer to Chapter 11.     

Okay, I’m done here.


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