Impressions: The Gina Carano Interview

Impressions: The Gina Carano Interview

First Impression: Oh my crap, Ben Shapiro has an annoying voice!   High, reedy, plus nasally to boot. It’s a fingernails-on-a-blackboard, punch-a-nerd-voice.  No wonder he hated Trump so much. Shapiro is everything masculine isn’t.

Second Impression: Gina is tired. Really tired.  She has been under a lot of stress for a long time.  This was not an angry person’s interview. This is someone who has been dragged across asphalt for months. She had been living the life of a condemned prisoner who knew that one day she would be dragged out and shot but they wouldn’t tell her the actual date of her execution.

“When I saw people being bullied, that were silenced and scared to speak… I don’t want to speak, I want to create art. But I have a big problem with bullies, and I have a big problem with — I don’t have a problem with power; I have a huge problem with abuse of power.”

She also claimed that she’s “not the only one that’s been bullied by this company.”

“I could share a story and it would turn things around in the media, but I can’t do that,” she told Shapiro. “It would be selling out a friend that I don’t really have the same views as, but I’m not going to sell out somebody to take the attention off me. If that person says something about how hard I went to bat for that person… it would change things, but everybody’s afraid of losing their job.”

Third Impression: Disney is drastically more evil than I thought it was.  Genuinely, soullessly evil. They wanted Carano to be the star of a no-shit Maoist struggle session. Disney executives wanted her to get on a Zoom meeting with forty activists, so she could be raked over the coals for hours.  And I strongly suspect Disney execs were counting on one of the activists taping and editing together a hit piece on her based on out-of-context responses to their Mao-Maoing of her.  Something she couldn’t respond to because she had no legal right to tape the meeting. All of that video would have been the property of Disney.

Final Impression: Gina Carano was thrown out of a burning building.

Okay, I’m done here.

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