The X-Men Are No More

The X-Men Are No More

Well, I knew it was coming.

The golden X-Men brand is being retired by Marvel Studios.  

San Diego Comicon is underway.  Not that it has anything to do with comic books these days.   Comicon is all about the movies and TV shows now.  It’s where people “get excited for next product.”  In truth, it is why those people go there now.

A new X-Men project was announced but of course, it’s 2022 and the very idea of a show with the word “Men” in the title is an unthinkable abomination.   Victoria Alonso would never permit it. 

Dark Phoenix actually had the X-Men brand removed from it to preserve it from brand damage by association with what they knew by then was going to be a bad movie.   Now X-Men has been discarded in favor of The Mutants.  Since Disney Marvel couldn’t possibly make a halfway competent X-Men film at this point, it is probably for the best that the marque be retired until Disney is forced sell-off Marvel. 


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