Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Trailer

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Trailer

Big shock, it’s not about Lord of the Rings.

It couldn’t be more obvious what happened. The production company had its own 2022 fantasy story they wanted to tell. Basically, nothing but a rip-off of Game of Thrones.

But it is 2022. They have to make it Woke AF because everyone in Hollywood is terrified of being seen as not Woke. At the moment it’s an instant career ender especially if you are white.

And they knew that their story would never sell in 10,000 years.

Not under it’s own name anyway.

So they followed the standard procedure and bought up a name they could slap on it even though that franchise didn’t resemble the story they wanted to tell in the least. They knew perfectly well there is always a ton of middle-aged Gamma Males that will sell out the thing they loved at the drop of a hat for just a little ego inflation. Throw in some Twitter Stans that are happy to work for free and few d-list journos at (lol)Kotaku and they are in business.

It won’t do well but they already know that. Their objective at this point is to blame their inevitable failure on white supremacists which they have already done.

The important thing to remember about this POS is that it was never meant to be Tolkein. They are just stealing his name for their Game of Thrones fan fiction.

Okay, I’m done here.

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