Blogs and Ends The Post Humpday Edition

Blogs and Ends The Post Humpday Edition

I’m very pressed for time today so this one is going to be a drive by post


At least he isn’t creeping out the secretary anymore.

World-famous hologram Hatsune Miko’s marriage is in trouble.  If you have kids the right age then you know more about her than you would ever want to in a thousand years.

Anyway, yeah, she got married…to a real live human about three years ago.

No, I’m not joking.  Because this is the world we live in and it sucks.  But it sucks for some men more than others.  The truly tragic bit (aside from the fact that he is serious), is that Hatsune’s husband says he’s having trouble bonding with her.  He should give it time. VR technology is almost there. Regardless their union appears to be in trouble.

Ah well, showbiz marriages never last.


Disney World is, as naturally as water is wet, going to fight the Reedy Creek dissolution tooth and nail.  If you are getting your info about this from the MSM then, (1) you are an idiot, and (2) you might honestly think Disney has a point.

The legal situation for Reedy Creek was pretty questionable at the time it was created.  A lot of Florida law got swept under the carpet to make it happen and there was serious opposition to it at the time.

The primary argument that Disney is making fails for one big reason.  The Reedy Creek Improvement District is a separate and distinct legal entity from the entity of the Walt Disney Company.

Legally they aren’t joined in any way.  From that perspective, Reedy Creek’s only connection to The Walt Disney Company is that it occupies land that Mickey the Great and Terrible owns.  This is why Disney goes through the elaborate charade of pretending that the Potemkin’s villages of Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista are real. 

If you are interested in the details, the guy in this video is a lawyer with real experience in the matter.


Anyone can make a sword cane

It’s super easy!!!

Okay, I’m done here.

UPDATE: Okay, I’m not done here.

I forget this one.

Glad e;r watched for me.

Now, I’m done here.


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