Disney Vacations Are Being Canceled

Disney Vacations Are Being Canceled

Disney world cancelations are through the roof but the parks are ludicrously crowded.  What is going on?

Well, if you ask any of the Woklings they will smile broadly and chant, “GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!  GAY!” Feign a mike drop and walk off.

That isn’t it. 

There are several factors at play but most of it isn’t politically motivated.

The purple-haired TikTokers don’t have that kind of money and they will melt in the Florida sun.

Most of the normal people really mad at Disney over their pro-groomer stance weren’t going to WDW in the first place.  They canceled Disney Plus but if they were going anywhere in the first place, it was Dollywood.

Like I said, there are a number of factors that are rolling up together into a perfect storm.  

First, Disney has been focusing on TINK couples (Two Incomes No Kids) and the genuinely wealthy.  These people complain loudly and at length at the people at Disney World that do have children. They have always been there but twenty years ago you could remind the more obnoxious of them that Disney was for kids.  If they complained to the Park authorities, they would take the side of the parents.  They don’t do that anymore.  Because it’s not for kids anymore.  Not in any serious way.

Then there are the Influencers.  A lot of what made Disney special is the atmosphere.  Just walking down Main Street USA used to be enough to make someone feel happy.  That was before Influencers swept in like a plague of locusts.  These bottom-feeder celebutards are making the experience a constant stream of low-level hell at every turn.  Does your daughter want a picture by the Wishing Well?  Wish for something else, because you are not getting past the 35-year-old Mommy Blogger with $25,000 worth of cosmetic surgery, who will spend hours striking poses for whichever one of her pissed-off family members is having to act as her photographer today and will therefore be missing all the rides.

And the selfie sticks.  These +10 Rods of Solipsism are everywhere from Pandora to Space Mountain these days, and their wielders are constantly running into people because they aren’t watching where they are going.  And they blame you for getting in their way.

Then there are riots, although they are not as yet a daily occurrence.   They have become more frequent.  And it’s in the back of every park goers mind now.  They never used to happen at all.

Finally, there are the now ever-present crowds. Before the lock-down Disney World was never this compacted before.  The lines are gigantic and wait times are for hours and that’s for stuff that shouldn’t have that kind of a wait anymore.  

This, despite the fact that the Parks are not only nowhere near capacity but Disney is giving away insane incentives to stay at the parks. 25% off of rack rates at select resorts, IF you are a subscriber to Disney Plus.

The reason for the crowds is simple.  Disney World can’t get the staffing they need. All the stuff that the Genie App would direct you towards when the ride lines are too heavy are closed. So the Genie App (as ordered by their human overlords) just jams people together into the lines. Staffing is also why you can’t Park Hop before two pm.  Better than 30,000 castmembers were cut loose during the lockdown.  Now Disney wants them back and they ain’t coming back!

Who can blame them?  In the Walt Disney/Michael Eisner era, the castmembers were treated like they were something exceptional.  The ties of the oath of fealty went both ways.  If you took care of Disney, then Disney would take care of you and do so happily.  But in the Iger/Chapek era that all went out the window.  Disney started looking for excuses to screw their 30-year employees out of their seniority.  When Galaxy’s Edge opened up, the senior Castmembers voluntarily transferred in because that is how Disney had always worked in past.  Heck, they wanted to play on the fun new rides as much as anyone else, it was a job perk.  Except that Bob Cheapek stripped away their seniority when they transferred in this time.  They were the first ones to get cut when things got bad.  When I think about that one, I feel really good about his involuntary and humiliating recent struggle session.

And speaking of struggle sessions, that is another reason that Disney can’t get anybody.  Not only is your job insecure as hell, you only make $10 an hour and all of the job perks have been eliminated. But as a condition of your employment, you have to undergo mandatory White Guilt training.

And Florida is now a Red State.  Who wants to put up with that kind of crap from PedoMouse when you can get a much better deal selling Butter Beer at Hogwarts just across town?

Disney is now in a spiral of failure and I don’t see how they can reverse the pattern.

Okay, I’m done here.


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