Chapek is Losing Control of Disney

Chapek is Losing Control of Disney

Bob Chapek is making just about every mistake he can possibly make in dealing with this internal uprising at Disney.

He is trying to handle this situation like a Machiavellian, instead of summoning the hoard and crushing the rebels under hoof.

In my opinion, Bob Iger turned Disney into an instrument that would further his own post-Disney political ambitions. I recently wrote about how the rather unpopular but still heavily promoted character of Ms. Marvel was allegedly a political payoff to Sana Amanat’s family. I rather doubt that this is a one-off situation.

People who would be otherwise unemployable are now working at Disney and at a high level. Take a look at the various advisory councils.

The Democratic party these days is a very incestuous party. It has become a collection of families who look after each other’s interests. Officeholders seem to always have family members at major media organizations or are very high up in Fortune 500 companies, despite not having any kind of skillset that would merit it.

And Iger rolled out the red carpet for them.

If and when Iger runs for president it won’t be some silly ass let-the-rich-boy-have-it vanity run like Michael Bloomberg’s. It will be a campaign that was years in the planning.

None of the other entertainment companies are having these problems because none of them have been converted into a political machine.

Which is why Chapek’s effort at trying to steer a neutral course was greeted with an uprising. It is also why his efforts to placate them with a few token half measures are doing nothing but feeding the fire. Granting them anything was a gigantic mistake. Effectively he was apologizing and hoping the problem would go away.

It won’t.

Political activism is their real job, Disney is just something they do on the side.

He is now having to get even more involved in state politics. He just condemned legislation in Texas that would prohibit sex reassignment procedures on minors.

This will end in disaster for Disney. It is not a company that can survive with only 50% of the population willing to give a radically leftist company a thin red dime.

Okay, I’m done here.

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