This Week’s Arktoons Roundup Is Now Live

This Week’s Arktoons Roundup Is Now Live

This week’s addition focuses on “The Legend” Chuck Dixon.

Go Monster Go

“The way we name towns has always been a little odd in America. On the East Coast most everything seems to be named for something or someone from the old country, New York, New Jersey, Charleston (King Charles Town when founded),  King George got a whole state named after him.

When you get to the Midwest it’s either Native American or French names with some stuff from classical literature thrown in: Chicago, Detroit, Cicero, (Seneca, Il is a twofer).

But when you get out West a lot of the town names start to sound like whatever crossed the mind of someone who was just passing through and didn’t intend to stop: Sandy Gulch, Deadwood, Tombstone, and the like.

Caliente Springs, New Mexico seems to be like many another small town in the southwest of the 1950s…”

Except just about every conspiracy theory you ever heard of happens there.

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