Doctor Hugh

Doctor Hugh

Russel T. Davies may have settled on his new Doctor Who.

Nineties heartthrob Hugh Grant appears to be Jodie Whittaker’s replacement.

Mind you, this is not an official announcement but it does feel like an “official leak.” You can always spot an official leak because different stories are all using the same talking point. In this case, it is “Marvel-style” makeover.

David Tennent was rumored to be coming back to the role, although I had my doubts about that one from the start. His phone is still ringing at the moment and if he can’t bring the show back to its former glory, it would put a huge dent in his career. No agent worth his commission would let his client do that to himself.

So, if Tennent is coming back at all it will be as a one-off Bungie-Doctor. Bouncing back to a much more popular incarnation before moving on to the next one.

Honestly, Hugh Grant isn’t that odd of a selection. Davies had tried to get him to play the Doctor when he first got the keys to the Tardis. They have worked together recently. And Grant is on the record as saying he deeply regrets not taking the role back in 2005.

It would also be a smart choice. Yes, the younger Wokeites will scream about cisgender White Man but the older Tumblrinas will remember just how wet Doctor Dreamy Mop-Top got them back in the 1990s. He still has a female fanbase, although by now it’s more of a nostalgia thing.

Much more importantly, former Doctor Who fans might just lift an eyebrow and sniff at him. He’s not a ridiculous choice for the role. Even though Hugh Grant only ever plays Hugh Grant you can make that work with the Doctor.

Technically, he’s even played him before.

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