Disney World To Host the Planet’s Largest LGBTQ Political Action Conference

Disney World To Host the Planet’s Largest LGBTQ Political Action Conference

Anyone who thought for a second that Disney was seriously going to be getting the Woke out can stop taking their retard pills now.

Disney absolutely remains committed to THE MESSAGE. Don’t be fooled for a second by some of the downsizings that are going on right now. Yeah, Victoria Alonso is gone but she was a sacrificial lamb who, (while an idiotic loudmouth), was never in charge of story development. That wasn’t her division, her job was shooting the script once it was settled on. And then reshooting the script when that version tested badly. She was not creatively in charge of anything. I was as surprised to hear that as you are. Her firing was stray voltage, she’s the biggest name that will be let go. Anybody else who has check boxes and gets turfed now is going to be anti-climatic and not get much coverage.

Remember my Darklings, Bob Iger was brought back in by Blackrock, Vanguard, and Nike to protect the Woke, not get rid of it. And he is doing just that. Disney’s new head of human resources, Sonia Coleman was promoted out of ESPN and was exceptionally supportive of DIE when she was there. I have no doubt whatsoever that she will continue laying on the Woke with a trowel.

As I’ve said before, almost the first thing that Iger did when he got back in was to declare that “getting the THE MESSAGE out was too important to change.” The emphasis on the “M” word wasn’t mine, it was Iger’s.

“Michael Chamberlin the CMO of Out and Equal, the largest LGBTQ political action conference, confirmed that it would be held this year at Walt Disney World (my guess is the Saratoga Springs resort, that is where these things are usually held) Sept. 11 -14. It’s always been held in Vegas before for obvious reasons if you give it a nano-second of thought. But for the next two it will be held at Disney World.

Amazon, Walmart, Uber, Apple, Hilton, Boeing, Cracker Barrel, and John Deere(!?!?!)* will be sponsoring the conference and have booths there. As will the CIA and State Department, plus several other alphabet soup agencies.

Disney World parkgoers have divided up into two camps. EPCOT which is full of child-hating gay couples and drunks. The Magic Kingdom is where families still go and gay couples still mostly avoid because it’s full of kids, also there is still no booze.

This announcement coming within a week of Alonso’s firing and a year to the day of the Florida legislature voting to rescind the Reedy Creek Improvement District is clearly political in nature. It’s clapping back at DeSantos for his positions against DIE and stopping Disney from taking over Florida. It’s just enough trouble for the NPCs to go squee but it isn’t big enough for Florida to care about.

Disney Parks has been the gold standard for so long they didn’t think it was possible to have competition. And for a long time, they didn’t. Disney Parks would come in first, second, third, and fourth, with Universal being an “asterisk” entry on the list. Now Universal is in a solid second place, and they aren’t going to stay in that slot for long.

Thanks to the $27.5 billion dollar purchase of Hulu that Disney is locked into, Universal studios has gone on a building spree. The new park in Texas is nothing that Iger will be worrying about, however, Disney World is facing a serious challenge with Universal’s Epic Universe. Up until now if you wanted to visit Universal while you were staying in Orlando for a week, then you could just do a split trip, Disney World got most of your time but you would also spend one or maybe two days in the Wizarding World. When Epic Universe opens up, vacationers will for the first time have to make a choice. It will have to be one or the other because there won’t be time for both.

Granted Universal hasn’t cracked the family market yet. Their thrill rides are geared for the 18-40-year-old demographic but are a little on the rough side if you are outside of that bracket. Also their hotels while very nice aren’t family-friendly either, they are too Hilton inspired for that. It’s a place where you will feel a constant need to shush your kids in a way you wouldn’t at Fort Wilderness in Frontierland.

However, Universal is gaining ground while Disney Parks are unquestionably slipping in terms of standards and practices. When the Dark Bro visited Disney World with his family he was startled by some of the things he was seeing. His youngest insisted on riding on the Skyliner even if it technically isn’t a ride, but they hopped on and for the first time had clear and uncluttered views of the backs of the buildings at Epcot and Hollywood Studios. That would have been unthinkable ten years ago. Disney would under no circumstances show what was behind the facades of their Potempkin’s Villages. Seeing the back of buildings was also an issue for the Tron Light Cycle coaster. That’s about standards and they are slipping and sliding downhill. Perfection is too hard to try far so the customers will just have to settle for good enough. And if they don’t they’re bigots.

A worse problem for Tron was recreating all of the known problems with the Shang Hai version of the ride, all of the known drawbacks were imported to the new ride completely intact. It was such a clone that they didn’t change the size of the light cycles to fit the average American. Most prominent was the absolutely pointless destruction of Splash Mountain, the new generation of Imagineers was celebrating while the crowds were mourning a ride that was a favorite for three generations. None of the ride’s props were archived and Disney always sends these things to their archive but at Splash Mountain they were broken up with sledgehammers on-site…And during operational hours while the crowd was booing the workers!!! Michael Eisner would have fired everyone connected with that kind of bungle.

There is no question that like Pixar, WED Enterprises is now a black hole of SJW convergence and is no longer capable of performing its core functions. Universal Creative (which is 90% former Disney Imagineers) is now the market leader in theme park rides.

The downsizing going on at Disney right now is in no way, shape, or form a course correction. It is in fact a desperate attempt to keep Nelson Peltz at bay.

Bob Iger is making it rock solid clear that they will be the last Hollywood entertainment company to give up the Woke. Disney is on track to fail in ten years, even with ESPN basically floating the entire company.

That will be Bob Iger’s final legacy.

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