Disney Please, I Want to Talk About Anything Else

Disney Please, I Want to Talk About Anything Else

Is there a “Y” in this day of the week?

There is?!?!

Then I guess it’s time for another Star Wars Galactic Cruiser video.

I’ve been swamped by these things. I’m getting so tired of all this cringe. I really need a break from them.

This is the welcome trailer that guests receive after they’ve booked a stay. It’s been “leaked.”

Why do they think this is an improvement?

Did you catch the reference to the Age of Exploration? That’s more important than you think.

The complaint I keep hearing (and have made myself repeatedly) is that this thing doesn’t look like Star Wars.

But it actually is following an aesthetic.

It’s he one that is being established for Star Wars The High Republic, (I told you it wasn’t dead).

I strongly suspect the Scott Trowbridge is working hand-in-glove with the Star Wars Story Group to keep their vision of Woke Star Wars alive. Here is the announcement trailer the High Republic era video game Eclipse that was just dropped yesterday.

Obviously, none of these scenes are in engine captures. This is literally no different from fan trailers in that regard. And there is gigantic gulf between an announcement trailer and a finished game. This MMO is going to be years in the making if it’s ever finished at all. However, the artdesign of Eclipse appears to be consistant with the Halcyon’s.

So yes, this hotel/expeirence thing does look like Star Wars, it’s just the one nobody wants. Yet another reason this project will be an epic fail.

The most ridiculous part of the Star Wars Galactic Cruiser is that Star Wars has NEVER been a luxury brand. The total good-life is nowhere in Star Wars DNA. Han Solo’s blaster belt is not made with Hermes leather nor is it accessorized with boots by John Lobb. Faberge has never made a lightsaber. These things are as out of place in that universe as I would be in that hotel.

The Galaxy Far, Far Away has, with a few exceptions, always been about life in the cheap seats. If you want to make it Star Wars than the Halcyon should be a dingy, tarnished tramp frieghter. All of the passengers are doing somehing the Empire disaproves of whether smuggling arms to the rebels or hiding Jedi knights. Basically, give the customers an adventure.

Of course that is far to close to “giving the customers what they want” instead of “what they really need” so far as the Woklings at Imagineering are concerned.

Bring marshmallows. The fire from this crashlanding is going to be a big one.

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