Minimum Effort Tuesday

Minimum Effort Tuesday

Tonight’s post was supposed to be a RE:Play of Duke Nukem which is 90% done. But 90% is NOT done. I will finish the other 10% tomorrow.

Here is the first trailer for the Doctor Who mini-series starring a much older David Tennent.

This thing going to be a memberberry milkshake. A former Doctor (at least one that we know of), a former companion. And it’s headlined by the Tom Baker-era logo from the 1970s. They are bringing back a lot of old things but the most important thing is the one I have doubts about. Bringing back the real Doctor Who.

Yes, the black girl is the Trans companion.

Will the doctor regenerate her into being a real girl?

I kind of doubt it.


Critical Drinker reviews something that I damn well won’t. The Witcher Blood Origin.

This is the show that will allow the showrunner Lauren Hisrich (I’ll correct the spelling in the morning) to stand on her own feet as a creative because this thing has nothing at all to do with any established part of The Witcher franchise.

She has failed to stand on her feet and has fallen on her face. Season three will be the last one for the Witcher. Netflix is not Amazon, they never pursue failure.


Okay, this isn’t the one I wanted use but that one turned out to be Age Restricted so Youtube won’t embed it, so enjoy I guess.

Okay, I’m done here.

Discuss on Social Galactic or don’t I could care less and am going to bed.

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