Let Bond Die, Kill Him If You Have To

Let Bond Die, Kill Him If You Have To

Apparently, Le Chiffre did too good of a job on Bond’s balls.

Here is the new 007 Lyshana Lynch, giggling girlishly over what she and Phoebe Waller-Bridge are bringing to the franchise.

Screenshot (504).png

“Nothing says female depth, like menstruation”. – jlongbone

Never, never let the actors come up with story ideas. This is what you will get.

Good luck with the Woke marketing, because it hasn’t worked for five years. The last film to try it was Charlies Angels. This movie needs to make a billion dollars just to break even and they have only fourteen days to do it.  No Time to Die releases Oct 8th.  And then two weeks later Dune hits the theaters, then Bond gets blown out of the water.

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