Friday Night Sights

Friday Night Sights

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I’m going to have to process the Batman Webtoon before giving you my take on it.

In the meantime enjoy some me time.


The Matrix Resurrection Trailer.

There hasn’t been a Matrix movie since the Wachowski Sisters were the Wachowski Brothers. I liked the first movie. Admittedly, I didn’t know how much of its cool look was the result of fairly extreme sexual submissive fetishism and male body dysmorphia. Regardless, I still liked the first one but they kept revisiting the same premise. Each sequel was just another rewrite of the Hero’s Journey using more and more specific referents from The Hero With a Thousand Faces.

The most disturbing part of the sequels was the sex scene between Neo and Trinity, Keanu and Carrie-Ann had been made to look so androgenous that it was impossible to tell whose naked butt you were supposed to be turned-on by. The Crying Game was just too fresh of a memory back then, you couldn’t risk the investment.

Anyway, it’s been fifteen years since the Wachowskis… Sisters… have had a hit. So now they have gone back to the one thing they knew would get greenlit.

This looks like a re-tread. I’m not seeing anything original here. Except for putting John Wick in this thing because he does NOT look like Neo.


First Interlude

Do NOT touch Spongebob’s ride.


2012 was a dark time for first-person shooters. The day of the Doom clone was long over. Every single FPS game was being built with consoles in mind first and foremost. The action had to be slow and clunky because of the controller. Cover tactics had replaced actual skill, and you weren’t permitted to explore any map you were on. All of those games were on stiff rails. The action literally took you from cut-scene to cut-scene. Forcing you to endure the narrative.

Then came a remake of a hilariously racist game from the mid-Nineties; Shadow Warrior. Lo Wang was a glorious throwback to a day when the plot didn’t matter and the digital blood was ankle-deep on the floor and the controller was mouse-driven.

Then they just ruined it all with the sequel. The franchise was destroyed by feature creep. The second one threw in everything that wasn’t really needed.

However, Flying Wild Hog swears they’ve learned their lesson and Lo Wang should be chopping his way through our hearts come December.

Who wants some Wang?

I’m a little worried because I’m haven’t heard “The Touch” by Stan Bush yet.

Second Interlude

This thing.

Okay, that’s not really an interlude because I’m done here.


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