Marvel vs DC: Nov. 21

Marvel vs DC: Nov. 21

I didn’t want to put up a “body-positive” image.
but you know that’s what they’ll go with.

Marvel is doing the meme!

They are leaning into it just to show their contempt for the fans who refuse to see Marvel films. Making a film with the three least popular superheroines of all time a $300 million extravaganza and having it be the biggest fail in movie history taught them nothing.

Silver Surfer is going to be gender-swapped in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

Bob Iger is a brilliant dealmaker. No question about that. He can smooth away all the wrinkles in front of an acquisition with a smile and handshake. What he can’t do is repair his purchase once his follow-on decisions break it, after all, it was his decision so it had to be good, right?

The Fiege film-making method seems to consist of scrapbooking the hell out of any given production when it is nearly 90% finished and then sending it back for reshoots that will tack another $100 million onto the budget. He was never a comic book guy, he just doesn’t understand the magic and he has long since shitcanned anyone who does. He makes “creative decisions” on the basis of what liberals find fashionable. Now this does create a lot of people who say they love what Marvel is doing but they don’t actually pay money to see it. Iger for his part approves of these “creative decisions” because they are the ones he’d make himself.

In other news, James Gunn has cast Nicholas Hoult as Lex Luther.

This honestly isn’t a terrible idea. He’s the right age and has the chops for it. I’m a little surprised to find myself approving a decision by DC but I’m sure they’ll do something to undermine it.

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