WandaVision: The Blip

WandaVision: The Blip

Have you ever thought about how hideously disastrous it would be to undo the Thanos Snap?

In this week’s episode, we see “Geraldine” (it’s actually Monica Rambeau) being reverse dusted back into existence in a hospital room.  She looks around in confusion and then heads out into a corridor that is suddenly packed with frantic people running about aimlessly in shock and confusion.  

One man says, “I have to call my wife!”

And that is when it hit me.   Just how bad undoing The Snap would be. 

We next see Agent Monica, maybe a week or two later and her biggest problem is that a security guard won’t let her into the super ultra high top-secret government agency she hasn’t been in for five years. He doesn’t recognize her and her ID has expired.  They have started calling the reverse Snap, The Blip.

I couldn’t help looking at this and thinking, this is ridiculous.

An expired ID is the least of anyone’s problems in this world.

Let’s look at Medium Bob. 

Five years ago: 

Medium Bob (SSHR: Delta) is an engineer who lives in the suburb of Pleasant View, with his wife Carrol and their two kids.  He is living a more or less ideal middle-class life (that really doesn’t happen anymore but work with me here).   

“The Snap” happens while he is at the office.  He hears a buzzing of commotion at first and then it rises to confused babble.  Medium Bob looks up from his work now in a growing concern.  Finally, he gets up when he hears a woman scream, “What is happening?”

An hour later he turns into his driveway on two wheels and slams on the brakes, bringing his car to a rocking halt on its springs.  He jumps out of the Corolla, running to his front door in a cold panic, crying, “CARROL? CARROL?! C-A-R-R-O-L!!” 

From the kitchen, he hears a tinny-sounding, “We Are the Champions.”  It’s the ringtone his wife assigned to his cell phone.  He had called it a dozen times when he was tearing his terrified way through the streets trying to get back to their home.  He had been calling it again when he hit the driveway.  He finds the phone lying on the kitchen floor.

He hears a knock on the sliding glass door in the living room.  Hope soaring in his heart, he rushes over to it. And feels that hope washed away like a bucket of cold water getting dumped over his head when he sees that it’s Janet From Next Door.

Janet’s eyes are wide, and she is white faced, her breathing shallow.  Medium Bob slides the door and manages a reflexively polite tone when he asks, “Janet?”

“Have you seen Karl anywhere?” She prattles, “this was his day off,” as if she needed to explain why he was supposed to be home and with her. Before Medium Bob can answer, she presses on, “What about Emma?  Have you seen my daughter anywhere?”

The cell system crashes while Bob is calling the school.  Janet From Next Door is on the computer in his home office and yells that she just got an email from the school.  The school will be sending the kids home as soon as they find enough bus drivers.

And get an accurate roll call of the remaining children.

At Nine o’clock that night, Medium Bob, heaves a cinder block through the sliding glass door of the Garcia family’s house.  Janet From Next Door enters the Garcia’s home and heads to the nursery, where their twins have been crying for hours. There has been no sign at all of Ramone and Maria since, It, happened. The house is dark, of course.  The electric grid failed two hours ago.

Medium Bob’s daughter, Autumn is looking after Janet From Next Door’s son, Ethan.  His own son Kevin is…gone.  Medium Bob is trying not to think about that or his wife as he forces himself to break every rule of his middleclass existence and start looking through the Garcia’s home for resources.

Medium Bob is an engineer. He knows how systems work.  And by nine o’clock he knows that half of everybody that makes the modern world’s barely working, get what’s needed to everywhere it’s supposed to go, and only just in time, life-support system is gone.   Half of the knowledge base that makes civilization run, has literally vanished in a puff of not quite smoke.  The fact that there were now only fifty percent as many mouths to feed wasn’t going to change the fact that there would be no way to feed them.

Medium Bob knows that Ramone is into off-roading and has a fifteen-year-old Toyota Land Cruiser that he customized for that hobby. He needs to find the keys.

Five years later: 

Medium Bob is sitting in the seat of his tractor. He wipes cool sweat off his forehead and takes a long satisfying drink of water.  He looks over his freshly plowed field with just a touch of pride.  He had mastered the art of the straight furrow years ago.  But he still felt a touch of ridiculous conceit while looking at his work. 

He frowns as he sees the figure of a man in the middle of his field.  The man is looking around in some confusion and then heads for Medium Bob’s tractor.  At first, he’s annoyed that some stranger felt he had the right to tramp through his field. He checks the gun in his pocket and then reaches for the mini binoculars.  It’s been years since there was that kind of trouble, but the habits learned in that first horrifying year were never going to be broken. He lifts the glasses to his eyes, and then Medium Bob feels cold fingers lace themselves around his heart because the man coming towards him does have the right to be there.  It’s Medium Bob’s cousin Dave.  And this was Dave’s farm before he and his wife vanished.

Medium Bob comes bursting through the front door of the farmhouse. Dave’s always angry wife Karen is back too and is angrier than usual.  His wife Janet is white-faced; he hasn’t seen her this frightened since The Snap.  

“It’s on the news,” she barely whispers.  “They’re all coming back.  Everyone is coming back. Everyone.”

Medium Bob looks over at his confused children.  Autumn his daughter by Carrol, his stepson Ethan.  The twins that he had been raising as his own. And the two youngest faces at the table.  Medium Bob looks over at his wife Janet who places protective hands over the bulge on her tummy.

“Look Bob,” Karen snaps.  “I don’t know what you people are doing here or what is going on, but this is my house! And you are going to have to leave!”

They had abandoned the houses in Pleasant View years ago.  They hadn’t paid mortgages on either of them because there was nothing to pay them with and no bank to paid.  He had been informed that they had lost all rights to them under the Squatter Stead Holder Act.  Medium Bob had been offended at the time but then brushed it off because the houses weren’t worth more than $7,000 combined.

Now Carrol and his son Kevin were probably arguing with new owners about whose house this was.

“Karl. Emma,” Janet’s voice was a toneless, dead whisper.

“I said,” Karen said, “You have to leave!”

“Yes, of course, Karen,” Medium Bob murmured submissively.  He licked his dry lips before continuing. “But I have to tell you and Dave something.  I need to explain what is going on. And it can’t be in front of the kids.” He paused, “Please?” 

Karen screwed up her face shrewishly before snapping her head in nod of agreement.  Dave shrugged in apology for his bitch of wife as he always did and followed her out of the kitchen door.  

Medium Bob trudges after them gutted by what he is about to do.  His hand is in his coat pocket and is clenched around the pistol grip of the Smith & Wesson .38, he always carries there.  It wouldn’t be the first time he’d had to kill to protect his family, but it had never been like this before.  This was going to be so much worse than The Snap.

Medium Bob is now a farmer, but he used to be an engineer.  He still understands how systems work, plus he now understands how food works. He knows that the population of the Earth just increased by 100%.  

And for the last four years there has only been enough food grown to feed half of that number.

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Comments (13)

  • Jfizzy Reply

    This is the book I want to read

    January 31, 2021 at 12:37 am
  • M. Bibliophile Reply

    And this is why amateurs focus on tactics while professionals do logistics.

    Also damn, dude, way to make me feel guilty for neglecting my typewriter. Don’t ever stop.

    January 31, 2021 at 4:05 am
  • furor kek tonicus Reply

    And for the last four years there has only been enough food grown to feed half of that number.
    it’s a quibble, but i think there’d be quite a bit less than 1/2 the food … because there’d be quite a bit less than half the people.
    as you point out, feeding 1/2 the people doesn’t make a damn bit of difference when your JIT inventory stream just crash failed and now you can’t feed anybody at all … who’s going to keep all those cold storage warehouses running when the power went down with <24hrs into this mess? you can't tell me any of them have more than a week of fuel on hand.
    and your hospitals and water treatment and sewage plants probably aren't going to fare much better. disease is going to make a BIG come back.
    not to mention all the people who die from being hit by vehicles which suddenly have no driver. every big city on the planet would instantly become one big shit storm if 50% of the semis and cars in motion lost their driver … 50% of all moving fuel trucks become fireballs within 5 to 10 minutes? the amount of chaos would be unfathomable. and it would be worse in higher population densities.
    i'm guessing most of the shipping has enough people on board who know enough about the controls that most of those will survive.
    probably 75% of private aircraft would go down and maybe a bit less than 25% of commercial ( pilot + co-pilot ) would also crash due to lack of someone qualified to land the plane.
    this is a non-trivial amount of people who will die even if they weren't Snappened.
    ps – i like how Medium Bob loves his wife Carol so much he drives a Corolla.

    January 31, 2021 at 4:24 am
  • Blume Reply

    What I never understood was how undoing the snap puts those people 5 years in the future. I mean that’s not undoing.

    January 31, 2021 at 10:36 am
  • furor kek tonicus Reply

    they are unSnappenated 5 years in the future because it’s more thematically interesting that way.
    otherwise you wind up with a Nothing Really Happened At All story, which is not a particularly unusual resolution for a Time Travel paradox.
    also, it’s explained in story as being a function of not using the Quantum Realm for access to the past until 5 years after the real Snap happened. they would have had to put the whole planet into the Quantum Realm in order to move it 5 years into the past.

    January 31, 2021 at 4:08 pm
  • Randomatos Reply

    This kind of “what happens next” story points out how pathetically stupid the “random half” snap idea was. If Thanos was such a hater of disorder, wouldn’t he snap out all the criminal types, all the warlords, all the gangsters, all the parasites and banksters, and then fill in the remainder of the snapped 50% with low-IQ, low impulse control types? Oh wait, that would likely make him a racist or ablist or some kind of -ist, can’t have that. Even the alien mass-murdering villian can’t commit wrong-think.

    February 1, 2021 at 3:05 am
  • ElRojo Reply

    Iron man not undoing everything from the point of Thanos’s original ‘snap’ would be one of the most cruel and selfish acts in history.

    Not thinking through the consequences of this in the film was an immersion breaking plot-hole.

    How hard would it be to reset everything back 100% except for all the terrorists, human traffickers, drug dealers, rapists, murderers, pedo’s and corrupt politician’s?

    Not hard.

    NOT Really reversing the ‘snap’ showed how little the writers thought through the consequences of what happened in the film.

    Oh, Any way we can see older blog posts? We can’t see anything older than 7 posts back and it would be nice to be able to find some of the older ones.

    February 1, 2021 at 5:36 pm
    • David Reply

      You can still use a search engine to dig up older posts.

      February 1, 2021 at 5:46 pm
    • The Dark Herald Reply

      Right under the title of each article, you will see the text string.

      “By The Dark Herald Uncategorized # Comments”

      Click on The Dark Herald or Uncategorized and you’ll get everything I wrote.

      February 1, 2021 at 6:41 pm
      • Bibliotheca Servare Reply

        I wondered the same thing. Unfortunately, while clicking “uncategorized” works, in fact it’s the bookmark I use to keep up with your posts, “The Dark Herald” only takes me to the Arkhaven homepage.

        Fantastic story, and I actually want to read more… what’re they gonna do about Carol, Kevin, and Karl? Do the kids miss their original parents? It’s dark, but I’m intrigued. Damn, you’re good.

        *Whispers* “More Grod when?”

        February 4, 2021 at 9:55 pm
  • Guy Reply

    Years ago I worked on a legal case. A growing bedroom community in a metro area had done their sewer system on the piecemeal system, and ended up with lift stations and the mess that come with them, and needing to replace main lines with much bigger lines, which meant new road surfaces and traffic messes.

    The next township that was growing learned a lesson. They built once, with lots of bonds issued. Except 2007 happened and they didn’t get the new houses and strip malls as fast as they projected. And the sewer plant got completed according to plan, mostly, but wasn’t as scalable as the general said it would be.

    So there were suits on the bond projections, and a suit on the expense of needing to buy and ship in raw sewage for the plant to keep it running.

    Now imagine the whole civilized planet going through that.

    February 1, 2021 at 5:37 pm
  • Rob Reply

    I had a simpler question: people seemed to return where they had departed. How many people departed while on an airplane? A train? A ship?

    February 2, 2021 at 4:25 am
  • David Reply

    So I asked a relative about this who works in the power industry about the power grid. If Thanos randomly kills half the people who work in the industry, the power grid most likely goes down. If Thanos is more discerning and makes certain he keeps the most competent people alive and mostly kills chaff, it might have a shot at staying up. If Thanos decides to keep three-quarters of the people in the power industry alive and makes up the difference by culling more from the entertainment industry…a much better shot that the power grid stays up.

    February 2, 2021 at 6:20 pm

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