The Cancerous Future State Of DC Comics

The Cancerous Future State Of DC Comics

The Big 2 companies love their crossover events, even though the business model of them has frustrated many comic readers for decades, since it makes it impossible to follow the storylines of beloved characters.

With DC’s next event, Future State, not only are they continuing the spiral trend of the collector’s market, but they’re doing so by replacing said beloved characters:

Introducing: The Justice They/Them!

Much like Marvel tried in 2015-2016 with its “Marvel Now”, DC is using the same tired trick of replacing all of their characters with gender and race swapped, preachy and annoying versions of the original characters. Black Flash and Aquagirl, a female dominated team with the strong males replaced by feminized versions, and you’ll notice the slightly more insidious and subtle — no blondes or redheads allowed.

We know what this spells — trainwreck disaster. It’ll lead to another plunge and cancelation of titles where DC is already on thin ice because they’ve botched their new proprietary distribution system as they’ve decoupled from Diamond this last year.

COVID already hit the industry so hard, with so many comic shops going out of business. I hope the mainstream enjoys their transition to digital only sooner than they would have liked. I doubt there will be many shops left after this.

The good news is, Arkhaven and friends are already a step ahead of these companies and producing content people want and with sensible distribution models. The corporations will never be able to compete, especially when they don’t even seem to care about their products or fans except for protecting their copyright licenses.

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