Marvel Can’t Learn

Marvel Can’t Learn

“Who else could join?

Are you serious Marvel?

They’ve handed themselves another sillyass problem here because the only others that can join are Shuri, America Chavez, and Iron Heart.

This is pathetic, there are no other teen heroes available.

The only mystery here is, are they going to be able to put a boy in this hen party? Marvel has provided these girls with no one they can correct, sneer at, or look down on.

Also, not to state the obvious here but…

ALL of these girls in this team have been coded as lesbians.

The only one who has been coded as straight was Kamala Khan and that may be under a question mark now after that breathy “Oh Captain, my Captain,” line in The Marvels. The good news there is no one saw it.

“Who else could join?

Marvel should have gone with Can anyone else join?”

It can’t be Spiderman, there is no way in hell Tom Holland would be willing to accept that glowdown.

If they figure out how bad of a hand they dealt themselves there’s always this thing.

The really sad part is here is there is nothing inherently terrible about an all-girl team of superheroines, assuming (and this is where Marvel will absolutely blow it completely), they were actually normal. If they actually did girly things, shop together, dress up, and gush about the Cute Boy, Marvel might have something. It wouldn’t be for me by a long shot but they would have no trouble capturing a huge market of tweener girls. That will not happen because they are going to be spending all of their time attending Queers for Palestine marches and telling senators to step up and do better.

Instead of one team of failed Avengers, there is now going to be two.

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