It Was Too Good to Be True

It Was Too Good to Be True

The Christopher Nolan plan for a trilogy of classic 1960s-era James Bond movies appears to be dead in the water.

Barbara Brocolli has announced plans to further vandalize Ian Fleming’s spy hero by…

(*easy stomach, don’t turnover)

Reimagining James Bond for the modern world.

The problem is that James Bond’s fans aren’t as deep into superhero, fantasy, and science fiction as genre fans. Most of Bond’s fans are Culturalists and Flirts. Bond’s fans are mostly normies, and normies haven’t seen the kind of damage to their favorite franchises that the rest of us have. They were used to the Daniel Craig films running hot and cold anyway. “So what if the last one sucked? Half of his James Bond flicks sucked anyway? Am I right?

Consequently, No Time to Die (2021) raked in about $750 million which is low but acceptable for a Covid-era release.

The next film will be the one where the rot becomes detectable. Broccoli hasn’t officially killed Nolan’s project but she has stated it’s going to be a long time for that one. Which is another way of saying it’s dead.

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