Arkhaven Spotlight: Hypergamouse

Arkhaven Spotlight: Hypergamouse

After a well deserved and truthfully unavoidable break, Lacey Fairchild’s hit creation is back.

On the off chance you are not familiar with Arktoons perpetually chart topping (and now available in Mandarin) webtoon. Hypergamouse is a slice of life comedy built around the oldest Game in the world.

“The first and only comic series about Game and the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy! Because if you can’t figure out why you don’t have a date and no one is interested in you, you’re definitely not alone….”

The titular center and heart of their world is Mari. A sweet natured mouse who wants everyone to find someone special.

Mari has a fairly good track record for being a matchmaker.

Sadly, there is one mouse that has defied her best efforts on his behalf.

Mari’s Moby Dick is the the whale-sized Doof.

It’s true! She has never been able to successfully coach him.

Shocking I know. I mean just look at him!

Despite his highly desirable hyper-obesity, neck-beard, and knowledge of pop culture that is nearly as vast as his body odor (Lacey has never mentioned that part but you just know it). Doof has defied her best efforts to find him that someone special.

Mari may need to learn to live with disappointment on the grounds that that the special combination of low self-esteem and masochism that would be Doof’s perfect mate doesn’t exist.

However, she has one advantage over her real life counterparts. They live in a fictional world and in one of those, new characters get created all the time.

Stay tooned.

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Did I really just write “stay tooned?”

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