The Food Pod

The Food Pod

The Dark Bro: What do you want to eat?

The Dark Herald: Not sure.

The Dark Bro: Not helpful. You’ve been doing this since we were kids asshole.

The Dark Herald: Back then we would go to a mall food court and pick whatever we felt like at the moment.

The Dark Bro: That’s it! We’ll go to the food pod!

The Dark Herald: No we won’t. Not until you tell me what the fuck a food pod is.

The Dark Bro: It’s great! It’s this enclosed space where all the food trucks park and you sit at actual tables and eat with a roof over your head and everything.

The Dark Herald:…

The Dark Bro: Okay, what?

The Dark Herald: That’s a restaurant.

The Dark Bro:…

The Dark Herald: Problems?

The Dark Bro: I hate you.

The Dark Herald: I know.

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