Tuesday Morning Irritations

Tuesday Morning Irritations

I’m stealing time like a thief at the moment.

I’m still grinding my teeth over Black Rifle Coffee Company’s Tom Fuckery on the New York Times. I’m mad at myself for having been that much of a chump about those guys. All the signs were there, they never really hid that they were Cuckservatives in 2nd Amendment hats. I chose to believe that they were trying to keep below the eggshells and rotten tomatoes while running a company as best they could. Nope, they are Evan McMullen cuckservatives. Lesson learned.

“Thank you for your service,” died eighteen months ago. People don’t care about that anymore. The well of sympathy is dry and the tears no longer flow. This “company by and for veterans” thing they are still doing is trying to milk a dead cow.

This comment says it all, ” And it’s sad that we’re just such an in-joke on the Left. They just make some nice noises, build goodwill, make a gazillion bucks off of it, and then drop the punchline and high-five each other for rooking us, yet again.”

At least I don’t have to pretend their shitty Folger’s level coffee is good anymore. If you’ve got a local roaster, support them instead.

Then I start roughing in tomorrow’s Arktoons roundup. Chicago Typewriter is going to get a second book, which is super good news, I really do like that comic book. I’m storing the artwork here at the moment. Which is how this post got startedin the first place.


It looks good and I’m looking forward to it.

The pain in the butt was that I had to pull images off of Twitter and if you search Twitter for Chicago Typewriter you get swamped by a K-drama of the same name. Which wouldn’t be so bad but the K-drama actually looks interesting. It’s about three Korean resistance fighters who died during the Japanese occupation and are reincarnated today. It was damn distracting.

Okay, I’m done here.

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