Paramount’s Body Positive Superheroine

Paramount’s Body Positive Superheroine

No, I’m not making this up at all.

The heifer heroine is called Zephyr. I thought Zepplin might have been more appropriate.

This comic book that you have never heard of is called Faith. It’s published by Valient and I had go check to make sure they were still in business. Yeah, they are again, at the moment, but it’s the usual thing these days of using comic books as a pitch for movie and TV projects.

I’m a little surprised to find out hat Faith has been around since 1992.

But she became a thing among comic book readers who don’t really like comics about 2015.

SJWs have been declaring her the greatest thing evah, ever since then. And now she’s got a movie project. I’m skipping this one.

It’s already been done.

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