Disney’s Pro-Grooming Faction

Disney’s Pro-Grooming Faction

There is a planned walkout in the works.  As many as two thousand Disney employees are planning to walk out of their jobs in protest of Disney’s lack of action over Florida’s anti-grooming law on March 22nd.

This is from WDWPro at That Park Place.

“The group is called “Disney Do Better Walkout”, although their Twitter handle is just Disney Walkout. They seem to be a professional bunch… not necessarily a run-of-the-mill group of employees that had a sudden urge to do something. Some of their assets appear professionally done. Their website has a bit of legalese that indicates legal counsel of some kind. They have formed some impressive communication systems that require authentication of Disney employment. All of this suggests that the group has funding and professionalism. It looks to me similar to what happened with the Activision-Blizzard take down just before the real dirt started hitting public news.”

I’m inclined to agree.  But here is the interesting thing.  I don’t think these Disney employees work at Disney World.

Let’s take a look at their complaints from their own website.  We can see a lot of what these people are worried about.  And that will tell you where they work at Disney.

“Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.

This is an outright ban on these subjects for K-3rd grade students.”

“Governor DeSantis has commented that this bill would prevent children from learning about gender identity and from having a safe space to come out: “We’ve seen instances of students being told by different folks in school, ‘Oh, don’t worry, don’t pick your gender yet, do all this other stuff.’ They won’t tell the parents about these discussions that are happening. That is entirely inappropriate.” 

So, they are extremely concerned worried about grooming in public schools being stopped in its tracks.  And there is money behind this thing, they could afford lawyers. This was a pre-existing organization.

But more telling.  The school system that they are most familiar with has absolutely no qualms about doing this.  In fact, it has no fear at all about being accused of it. Because no one would dare accuse them.

This next paragraph is the big tell.

“Over 2,000 employees are being asked to either relocate to Florida or lose their jobs, with no options for remote work in states with friendlier climates to the LGBT community. For a company that advertises itself as a safe space for the LGBT comunity, it is innapropriate for them to force those employees to move to Florida with this legislation now passed, and more human rights-violating laws likely on the way.”

The state that these Disney employees are being forced to leave is California. That is where the core of this protest is being organized

And given the level of professionalism in the activism now being demonstrated, it’s easy to say that the core of this protest is in the Bay Area. 

Disney has only one significant asset in the Bay Area.

It’s Pixar.

That squares with a lot of other things that have happened there.  From the plot to get John Lasseter fired, to the flood of people with actual talent hightailing it out there, to the recent open letter of its employees.  

Turning Red looks a lot more creepy in that light.

Chapek isn’t a good man but he’s a smart and ruthless one.  And it’s time for him to shutdown Pixar.

Okay, I’m done here.

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