G4TV: An Unfortunate Idea Comes To A Fortunate End

G4TV: An Unfortunate Idea Comes To A Fortunate End

G4 returns to the dustbin of history that it crawled out of.  It’s over as of today.  The staff showed up at the studio for their streams and were told to go home.

G4’s Twitter account stated: Due to unforeseen circumstances all of our streaming content is canceled today.


That’s funny because I was foreseeing the hell out of it.  So was everybody else.  I’ve gone into detail elsewhere about G-4’s unearthly resurrection and how it came to be.

I’m certain that it was Olivia Munn’s idea to bring it back from the beyond when she was still dating the guy whose dad is the CEO of Comcast.   Look maybe reviving G4 as a brand for Generation X gamers might have worked.  It’s not like we’ve lost interest in gaming.  Hell, there is currently a boom in (I hate this term) Boomer *Shooters.  Basically, FPS games from the 1990s have caught on again and there have even been new games built on those old engines like Ion Fury.

I know that market exists, and there are YouTubers that make a living off of covering it.  

However, G4 seemed very interested in the kid’s market and that was where this whole thing collapsed. Nobody under the age of twenty-five has the slightest fucking idea who Adam Sessler is.  Sure, he was a name in gaming once but not now.  Putting his creepy ass face all over the brand was a stupid idea.  This guy won’t leave his apartment, they keep cutting to him in his dirty studio closet.  The show is shot in LA and Sessler has apparently refused to move out of San Francisco (at least I think he still lives there, damned if I’m checking).

The closest they came to a sexy host like Morgan Webb or Olivia Munn was Frosk.  

I think Frosk’s rant was a desperate bit of fan-baiting that blew up in their faces.  What few viewers they had unsubscribed and while the SJWs cheered from the sidelines they had no intention of watching this stuff and for once I can’t blame them.

The sad thing about G4 is that Frosk’s rant was the only clip from the show, anybody ever shared.  That is the real measure of success on YouTube, if people are sharing clips of your content.  And except for that rant, that was the only clip I ever saw.  I honestly, didn’t even know the nameplate had been resurrected until then.

It’s been spinning the drain for a few months.  Whenever somebody wearing a suit showed up everyone would run and hide because they knew what was coming.  The contracts stopped getting renewed and people that could get other jobs got them.

The rumor is that Comcast is going to try and rework the brand on a non-existent budget and they are still keeping the utterly toxic Adam Sessler with whatever is left of G4.

They should never have revived this brand.

Sometimes, dead is better.

Okay, I’m done here.

*Boomers didn’t play those games, Gen X did.  

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