The Dark Herald Recommends: In Defense of the Second Amendment by Larry Correia

The Dark Herald Recommends: In Defense of the Second Amendment by Larry Correia

This book is a handy all-in-one reference guide for anyone who wants to have an actual discussion with someone who is on the fence about armed self-defense.

It’s also useful for bashing idiots who don’t have the slightest idea what they’re talking about.  You aren’t going to convince them because you will never convince the mentally ill using facts and logic.  You aren’t going to convince them with rhetoric either although that is the only thing they will ever use to “convince” anyone of anything.  You can however get them to start sobbing about how they are only trying to have a conversation with you, even if they weren’t. 

I spent a big chunk of my adult life in the US Marine Corps. Firearms proficiency was a strict job requirement for me.  I’ve been out for (sigh) getting close to 20 years now and I could still probably strip and reassemble the weapons I worked with in my sleep. 

Larry Correia knows more about guns than I do.  Easily.

He has hardcore advocated for the second amendment all his life and isn’t even slightly apologetic about it.  He’s been not only a gun store owner but a police department supplier and licensed machine gun dealer.  I can’t imagine the paperwork headache that must entail.  He has certified thousands of legal permit holders and testified before the Utah legislature.

What I’m saying is, he knows what he’s talking about in every particular detail on the issue of the Second Amendment.  If Correia doesn’t know it, it’s not worth knowing.

In this book, the author breaks down the most likely avenues of assault on your most fundamental right, the right to fight for your own life. 

Truthfully, we already know them.  The most likely is the Mrs. Lovejoy route after a mass shooting.

Won’t someone please think of the children!!!

The gun grabbers always strike while the tears are wet and there is a general feeling in the air of “we must do something!”  Frankly, no.  Usually doing anything is a fuck ton worse than doing nothing.  No matter what has happened, the only plan that will be adopted is whatever plan already exists. Trust me, the gun grabbers definitely have a plan in place ready to go.

It’s true we never used to have mass shooters like we have now but we also have never revered mental illness and overmedication for same as we do now.  

And then there is an event like Uvalde where literally everyone, but an off-duty Border Patrol officer failed the kids at that school.  There was a whole bunch of procedures in place that could have kept that as just another event you never would have heard of, but a string of terrible decisions created a massacre.  The school had exterior doors that he couldn’t have breached but they were kept propped open all the time.  The school had mass shooter drills but the staff didn’t sound one when a shooter entered the school, admittedly they should have done that when there was a shoot-out going on in the parking lot.  As a former professional door breaker, let me assure you those classroom fire doors are impossible to get through without special equipment.  And finally, the Uvalde police department will rightfully be called cowards for the rest of their lives.  They earned the order of the White Feather. 

But the gun control nuts don’t care about reason, in truth they are completely against it.  They don’t want people thinking, they want people acting without thought.

Correia also deftly takes apart some of the left’s most time-honored rhetoric.  

“You don’t need an ASSAULT RIFLE for hunting deer.”

The deer hunting thing is a clever bit of rhetoric that is very effective on gun rights wafflers.  Those are the gun owners that don’t like arguing with para-friends on social media.  The left is implying that the only legitimate use for a firearm is hunting.  The objective of that rhetoric is to make the wafflers accept their paradigm.  Which they will do out of politeness. When you accept the gun grabber’s paradigm you have let him choose the battleground, and that means you are halfway to losing the fight. And no, you don’t need it to kill deer, you need it to kill people who are trying to kill you.  It’s super good at that.

“You don’t need a military weapon to protect yourself.” 

Every weapon on Earth is used by the military.  Always have been.  When the Second Amendment was adopted, every rifle was an “assault rifle.”

I’m not going to sum up the whole book here but as I said it’s a really top-notch go-to guide for refuting every half-baked, emotion-drenched reason the left will come up with to demand you be disarmed.

And the truth is we have to fight for this right ourselves.

Second Amendment advocates biggest problem at the moment is that the GOP has decided we don’t care as much anymore, so they are free to finally make deals for the things they really want (which I assure you is not what you want).  Also, we were drastically over-reliant on one pro-gun organization as our bulwark.  When the NRA’s scandals became public and eroded the organization, Mitch McConnel started reaching across the aisle.

What I am saying is, preserving our most fundamental right is all on us, and this book while an excellent tool, will not replace individual activism on our part. This is another weapon in the arsenal, but it has to be used to do any good.

The Dark Herald Recommends with Enthusiasm.

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