Witcher Reboot

Witcher Reboot

The final scene in Blood Origin had some dude from the series transporting forward in time 1,500 years. And the first thing he sees is Ciri playing dice with the street urchins.  Then she looks up when she feels someone’s gaze upon her.

Quick reminder this was the first time we ever saw Ciri. In the seventh episode of season 1 we found out it was because Geralt was looking for her.

But now it’s some retard from Blood Origin.

This strongly indicates they are going to be doing some major moonwalking for Witcher season 4.  And before any of you ask.  Season 4 is already beginning production.   No idea if it gets a season 5 or not, but season 4 is definitely happening.

The time travel stuff is probably a good excuse to excise Geralt of Rivia completely from his own story. 

Lauren Hissrich has been attached to a number of high profile shows that were very successful.  Dare Devil, Power, The Defenders, and Umbrella Academy.  Her resume looks rather impressive. But then again, so did Kathleen Kennedy’s before she destroyed LucasFilm.

All of the shows Hissrich was on were huge, the writing credits read like Gone With the Wind for all of them. So, who knows what her contributions actually were. 

We do know what her contributions to the Witcher have been.  Unwatchable crap.  The first season had a few things going for it, but those things were lifted directly from the games. Basically, it was just some fan service to get the rubes in the seats.

Hissrich was apparently convinced her brilliance could keep them there.

Initially, you had the feeling that Henry Cavill leaving the show was an amiable parting of the ways.  To the public, it looked like he was clearing the decks to play Superman again and Hissrich thought she could do without his high profile (and truthfully high price tag) presence now that everyone was addicted to Yennifer and Ciri’s stories. 

Yeah, no.  

Sure, the show had a big audience, but they were either disappointed fans of the games or women who were hoping Geralt would take another bath. 

Anyone with the slightest interest in fantasy was never going to be able to get into it. It was just another one of those godawful 2020s unwatchable Game of Thrones clones, drenched in DIE.  

Diversity. Inclusivity. Equity.  

Any halfway decent writer can work with the first two because Diversity just means minorities and women. Inclusivity usually means disabled or mentally diseased.  But Equity means “equality of result”, at the end of the day all of the characters have to be indistinguishable from each other.  Except for white men who have to be incompetent or evil. 

Equity is the reason all of these shows look completely the same.  You can’t have black elves coming from a separate tribe to “the South.”  No. Because of “equality of result,” they have to be spread out across different tribes to keep them from being different

These shows are so determined to impose DIE on their audiences that they completely lose track of the fundamentals of storytelling

And worse – morality.  The protagonists of these shows are utterly devoid of morals.  Their entire ethos is “do as thou willst” and all is forgiven no matter what crimes are committed, (of course you do have to be Diverse for this to work).  The most outstanding example was General Galadriel, every one of her actions was objectively evil.  At no time was she ever serving a greater good, she was on a thousand-year quest for vengeance against Sauron, and the show clearly felt that any evil act she committed was fully justified.  She never tried to do anything good for the sake of goodness, all of her actions only ever served her vengeful ends. 

All of these shows need a morality coach.

Anyway, Hissrich initially didn’t seem to mind Cavill’s departure.  In fact, she seemed to regard Geralt as a distraction from the DIE stories she wanted to tell.  She had an animated spinoff and The Witcher Blood Origin.  She was now captaining a major franchise.  Theatrical releases were probably next.  Who needed Henry Cavil?

Then he announced his departure and the Witcher’s audience collapsed. 

Netflix is a very woke (and in my opinion pretty shifty) company.  But it isn’t owned by a mega-corporation, so their resources aren’t unlimited. It still needs to make a profit.  The streaming market has reached saturation and Netflix is losing customers for the first time. 

They need to make adjustments.

It was just announced that Cavill’s last season will be released in two parts. Obviously trying to stretch the real Witcher as far as it will go. Blood Origins was originally supposed to be six episodes but Netflix cut it to four after the horror of reviewing the dailies. Clearly, cutting their losses.  While there will be a fourth season (at present) I would be rather surprised if it got full eight episodes.

This is going to be a very short reboot.

Okay, I’m done here.

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