Harry Potter Series Confirmed

Harry Potter Series Confirmed

To the surprise of Twitteristas if no one else. Warner Brothers Discovery confirmed today that a new Harry Potter show is going into production.

Here’s a teaser. Like any teaser there is no point at all in looking at it.

Regardless, there are currently no plans to bring back the original cast in any capacity. This appears to be a remake/reboot starting from Harry’s first year at Hogwarts and it is slated to go on for ten seasons. Harry Potter advocates are squealing with joy.

Trans activists are just squealing, they are very, very uncool about this and as expected are shrieking “How dare you?” On Twitter. Especially after they heard that J.K. Rowling will be actively involved in the production. These are the same retards that turned Hogwarts Legacy into a billion dollar seller with their unhinged demands for a boycott. There was some attempt to modify this on Twitter by demands for money from the production company to help Trans people injured by J.K. Rowling. There were immediate counter demands that the money be sent to the families the Nashville Shooter injured. This caused more screaming. Life on Twitter is not worth living.

According to Eldest Dark Spawn the movies were just Cliff’s Notes version of the books. Consequently, a more in-depth version will be welcome by the super fans. There is the question of how bad of a job they will make of the reboot. Admittedly a question worth worrying about in 2023. If this was being made by Disney then I would already be roughing in its ‘Go Woke Go Broke’ eulogy. However, Warner Brothers has a better track record on adaptations, not a perfect one, but a better one. The worst of the incompetent executives at Warner have been purged.

Assuming you ignored my advice and played the trailer anyway, you might have been a little curious about the MAX logo. It’s simple enough, Warner Brothers is rebranding HBOmax into just plain MAX. The branding for HBOmax was a problem because HBO is not a family friendly brand. Neither is Cinemax so I don’t know what they are thinking. WB Streaming with Michigan J. Frog reclining against the logo and they would have been covered.

Okay, I’m done here.

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