Marvel: Everyone’s Gay Now!

Marvel: Everyone’s Gay Now!

Last year Marvel changed another character, claiming Kitty Pryde is “bisexual.” None of this stuff gets into the movies yet, as the comics can get away with altering characters into a hack writer’s perverted sexual fantasy, but the film-going audience still mostly relies on families.

But now Marvel writer Al Ewing, infamous for making his Bruce Banner rant against capitalism in a bizarre communist tirade, has determined fan-favorite Guardians of the Galaxy character, Star Lord, is now “bi and poly”.

Soon he’ll be identifying as a xir/xem I’m sure.

You can see the cringe for yourself:

Beyond the boring and amateurish art with coloring my seven year old could have done better, the dialogue is ridiculous and the situation is vomit-inducing. It’s sad that Al Ewing has to insert this perverse fantasy he’ll never be able to obtain in his real life into a children’s book.

Rumors are swirling that this is being done as a “gotcha” to Chris Pratt plays the character on the screen, and Pratt is a vocal Christian.

Who’s next? Spider-man? Thor?

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