Blogs and Ends: The Low Hanging Fruit Edition

Blogs and Ends: The Low Hanging Fruit Edition

You guessed it, I’m busy today.

So you get some driveby speed blogging.


Here is the first of the (*long tired sigh*) Disney Predator movies. It’s called Predator Prey. The director is a Bad Reboot alumnus. What could possibly go wrong?

I’ll say this, if the story had been about a young Brave and there were no whites in it, then there might have been an interesting concept to found here somewhere.

As it is, I guarantee this will be a standard Disney you-go-girl empowerment flick. We can start with the ridiculous bullshit of a girl not getting bludgeoned to death for defying tribal traditions. But she defies them anyway and nearly gets herself eaten by a bear because she’s stupid enough to try and solo a bear with a bow . There were also whites in it and I guarentee they are only there to sexually menace the native maiden before the Predator kills them all for being white and racist.

In the end the girl will either kill the Predator or fly off with him because she won his respect.

Lefties cry about colonizers, which means somewhere deep down inside they know they are the worst colonizers on the planet and are projecting.

And speaking of lefty colonizers defiling native trribesmen…


Flash star Ezra Miller is back on the radar again and this time it’s for grooming a twelve year old.

In theory, I sympathize with the parents. In practice, their daughter was an activist at nine-years-old. No kid does that on her own, her parents were her first groomers. And if any actor had wanted to fly my daughter to London at 14 I would have flown myself to London and beaten his face off with my grandfathers iron-headed cane. When a kid turns 18 it’s a little late to remember you are a parent. They only got butt-hurt when she dropped out of her East Coast Ivy League diverstiy feeder school. Admittedly, being the parents of an Ivy League SJW working as a Diversity and Inclusion officer at a Fortune 500 is a much better gig than being the parents of an actor’s drug addled “protege.”

An out of work actor at that.

Because once again, Warner Brothers is going to have to revist the question of whether or not they will eat about $500 million in production costs and high interest loans and just permanently shelf the Ezra Miller’s Flash movie forever.

Speakings things Warner Brothers should have revisted…


This is the trailer for the new CW show Gotham Knights. How did David Zaslav miss this one during his rampage through Warner Brothers? This thing is so long, I couldn’t subject you to the real thing my Darklings. Here is Nerdrotic’s reaction to it.

And you thought Batwoman’s writers would have trouble finding work after that failure. It does have all the CW touchs. The male lead is good looking but is nowhere near a good enough actor to become a movie star. Even as damaged at DC’s brand is thanks to the comics, this show wasn’t allowed to use any of the mainstream characters. The lead is a boy that was adopted by Bruce Wayne and isn’t named Wayne and he isn’t a Robin either. Although there is a Robin in this, Carrie Kelly from Frank Miller’s Dark Knight has been race swapped. I don’t care about the rest. This is going to be another canoncial trainwreck but it is unlikely to last more than one season before the CW is sold and this gets shit-canned.

And speaking of things there should only have been one of…


Oh no. Joker 2 has been announced.

Joker really didn’t need a sequel. It was just fine as a stand alone movie. It won’t be a good movie.

But all that said, I get it. Jared Leto’s take on Joker is an epic failure. I had initially blamed the director of Suicide Squad but then we got to see what he could do in the Snyder Cut and it turned out it wasn’t much.

The actual name is Joker: Folie a Deux. Which translate to Madness for Two. Indicating that Doctor Harleen Quinzel is going to meet a facinating patient at Arkham. A Silence of the Lambs thing could work.

But the hilarious part is how much Reeeing there is over this announcement. Joker was a movie the Wokeites tried like hell to #cancel and it made a billion dollars. Hell, it grossed more than the Rise of Skywalker and it had nowhere near the budget.

This should be vastly amusing. I’ll keep an eye on it for you.

Okay, I’m done here.

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