First Impressions: Stranger Things -Season 4 

First Impressions: Stranger Things -Season 4 

Well, it’s good.

That’s in a nutshell.

I’ve finished episode 4. 

I spent half of the first episode waiting for either the Woke or the Suck to arrive.  And it didn’t. Still, I’ve seen single good first episodes before.  Moon Knight comes to mind.  

However, by the time I reached the end of episode 3 of season 4, it was time to accept the reality of the situation.  

Stranger Things is good again.

This is easily the best work this show has done since the first season.  The second season had some major hiccoughs and while I was fine with the Red Dawn plot of season three, I am in the minority there.  But this season Stranger Things has gotten back to its Stephen King roots.  The Horror elements are much more pronounced this year. 

I am beginning to suspect that the halo shows at Netflix are protected from the Woklings.  Cobra Kai is still good. And now Stranger Things is good again.  My assumption is that the Woklings can demolish the other stuff but they aren’t permitted to send notes to the top shelf franchises.

There are a few things that bother me about the show and I’ll get around to them when I do my Dark Herald Recommends on it.  But I will touch on one now.

We ate cheeseburgers in the 1980s.  You know with cheese and a beef patty with a bun and everything.  None of these kids look like they have ever even seen anything that wasn’t completely plant-based in their lives. All of the boys have beanpole arms and legs and in real life, they are all in their late teens if not just turned twenty.  The worst affected was the Nancy character.  Natalia Dyer has always been way too thin for my taste.  But this year she looks like a concentration camp survivor. She’s not even pretty anymore and she is only 27. Even the shill press decided they couldn’t duck the issue of her obvious eating disorder when it became this obvious.

Regardless, if you still have Netflix and are sitting on the fence over this season you can get off the fence now and watch it.  It doesn’t disappoint.

And it is a shit ton better than Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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