Blogs and Ends: The Slow News Day Edition

Blogs and Ends: The Slow News Day Edition

Turns out that Jada Pinkett probably isn’t gay.

Jada Pinkett has dragged her husband on to her podcast and made him admit that he doesn’t satisfy her in bed. And that he has to agree to letting her cuck him as publically as possible.

In short Will has to be fine with it if you screw his wife but not if you screw WITH his wife.

Since I’m tired of the subject of Jada Pinkett and am looking for any tangential excuse not to talk about her again. Lets switch to a movie she was in for some reason. Matrix Ressurections.

One of the cool things about the original Matrix trilogy were the phones. I knew there wouldn’t be much to Ressurections but I figued the phones would cool.

Wrong call.


In the spirit of all things retread they used an Nokia 8110 just like Neo first used to speak to with Morpheus. It was a little dissapointing but when you think about it. What was the coolest phone in 1999, is now a budget phone and it is made primarily with the China market in mind.

But after a moment or two thought I was forced to admit that the producers really didn’t have a lot to choose from in the modern smartphone market. Most of the modern phones are basically the same the same boxy-but-good boring design.

I understand the engineering restrictions that dictate the current design limitations but it wasn’t that long ago that cell phones were all trying to out weird each other.

And nobody was trying harder than Nokia.

I couldn’t afford this one but I do remember wanting it.

And the one that I spent an absurd about amount of money on

And in completely non-Jada related news. Here is the tale of the Titanic’s head baker.

A man who was literally too drunk to die.

Okay, I’m done here.


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