Disaster! Amazon Now Owns The Hobbit

Disaster! Amazon Now Owns The Hobbit

Or at least the media rights.  The Tolkien estate still holds the literary rights.  Although, by the time Amazon is done de-Christianizing and Wokifying JRR Tolkien’s work on screen it is going to have suffered significant brand damage with the general population.

The Saul Zaentz company has sold the media rights to The Hobbit to Amazon. 

They already owned the rights to the Appendixes, which is what their Woke disaster, The Lord of the Rings, the Rings of Power is based on.  And now they own The Hobbit. Which is nice and all.  But what Papa Jeff really wants is Lord of the Rings.

And it looks like he isn’t going to get it after all.  The Saul Zaentz company stated that it had opined that Warner Brother’s media rights had lapsed and that they were now free to do with them as they saw fit.  Warner’s lawyers have replied, yeah, that is one opinion.  But we started our animated feature well within the window of time required to retain our license. Warner Brothers has a cut and dried case. At this point, it looks like Zaentz company’s only hope for completing their billion-dollar sale is for Warner Brother’s lawyer to screw up in court.

Amazon could simply buy out the license from Warner Brothers… If Warners was willing to sell.  The smoke signals say no.  Most of their franchises have problems in one way or another.  Harry Potter is now tainted with box office underperformance and the TERF Speak of his creator. GOT broke all four legs in the homestretch. DC film is doing better these days but they still don’t have a master plan, and as I’ve stated before, it’s a franchise whose copyright is not long for this world.  The Godzillaverse is doing okay but it’s not a billion-dollar franchise, it just isn’t.

Consequently, Warner Brothers has to hang on to Lord of the Rings. 

This means there has now been a major franchise divorce. Like Red Sonja and Conan or (until recently) the X-Men and the Avengers.

What this means in the short term is that that Amazon’s Lord of the Rings will now be used to launch a sequel.  Amazon’s The Hobbit.  

Or to be more exact, Amazon’s Very Representational and Super Inclusive and Diverse The Hobbit.

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