Is Sana Amanat Gone?

Is Sana Amanat Gone?

Ms. Marvel’s trailer has dropped and frankly, it reminds strongly of the now legendary Batwoman trailer. 

 Marvel’s streaming shows are basically CW shows with a better budget.  

Feminist, boring, and Woke.

Yeah, it’s gonna suck.  But it turns out that it’s going to be awkward for Disney as well.

Ms. Marvel, as is well known is the incredibly terrible, Mary Sue self-insert for her creator Sana Amanat. 

Sana didn’t get her job by being good at writing or having a deep knowledge of comics and Marvel lore.  She was made Vice President of Content and Character Development at Marvel Comics because she was Huma Abedin’s cousin.

Ms. Amanat’s family has bone-deep ties to the Democratic Party.  Deep enough that when Bob Iger was asked to find a job for that family’s useless “creative personality,” he coughed one up for them.  Then he looked at what she could actually do, shuddered at thought of all the damage she could do in the film divisions, and shunted her off to, (the by then completely worthless), Marvel Comics.  Probably assuming that she wouldn’t be able to do any harm there.

Wrong call Bob.

Sana came up with one of the worst characters in the history of comics.  Her iteration of Ms. Marvel is so bad it’s up there with Skateman.

Normally, if you have a bad character that comic book just gets canceled, and that’s the end of it.  But in Ms. Marvel’s case, they just kept renewing her with new comic book lines.  This failed character also got graphic novels published and thanks to the magic of buybacks at B&N, it actually hit the bestseller list.

Ms. Marvel was made the star of the disastrous Marvel’s Avengers, which was a failure of galactic proportions for Square Enix. 

On top of these failures, Ms. Marvel also got a TV series whose trailer I hope you had the good sense to ignore.  

For once there is a more understandable answer to the question of; good lord why do they keep pushing this unpopular character?

Because every time they do, Sana Amanat gets paid huge amounts of money.  This makes Sana’s family very happy with Bob Iger and inclines them to do big favors for him, (also I strongly suspect they get their own Big Guy cut of Sana’s paychecks).  Remember, Bob Iger is planning to run for president and some donations have to be made off the books if he is going to make that happen.

Darklings:  But isn’t Bob Iger gone?

Dark Herald:  Heh, heh, heh.  As a matter of fact, he is.

Iger left in December and Sana Amanat’s Twitter account hasn’t been updated since then.  At the time there was a rumor from Az that she had been fired for sexual misconduct.  I didn’t report it because there didn’t look like there was anything to it.

But now EVS is claiming he has a second source that says she’s gone.  And Bounding into Comics is running with it and they are pretty cautious with rumors. And Sana Amanat despite having one of the loudest mouths in comics, has been radio silent for three months now. Even though she has a series that is about to launch.

Truth be said I don’t think Disney cares all that much about sexual harassment when a woman does it.  However, while Bob Iger was undoubtedly inclined to look the other way and still shovel checks at this woman for her unpopular character, Chapek is not.

Sana Amanat has cost Disney a lot of money and since he’s not running for president, Bob Cheapek has no reason to keep pushing this woman and her deformed creation forward. Sexual misconduct is as good a reason as any other to ditch her.  

Mind you, since this series is going to be launched soon, her dismissal (assuming it has happened, you still need to take this with a grain of salt) would have to be kept under wraps.  Ironclad NDAs would have been signed. That would be standard procedure for Disney.

If Amanat really is gone and this new series does as badly as I think it will.  I suspect we can expect a major rewrite for the upcoming The Marvels movie.

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