Kentaro Miura 1966 – 2021

Kentaro Miura 1966 – 2021

Kentaro Miura, the legendary creator of the manga Berserk passed away today at the age of 54.

“His US publisher Dark Horse Comics, describing Miura as a “master artist and storyteller”, said he had suffered acute aortic dissection and died on 6 May. “He will be greatly missed. Our condolences go out to his family and loved ones.”

The Japanese artist was best known for Berserk, which he wrote and drew. It first launched in 1989 and has been running ever since. Set in a world inspired by medieval Europe, it follows the story of the mercenary Guts, a warrior with a huge sword and an iron hand, and Griffith, leader of the mercenary Band of the Hawk. Dark, violent and humorous, Berserk ran to 40 volumes with more than 35m copies sold worldwide, according to its Japanese publisher Hakusensha. It was also adapted into anime TV series, films and video games.

Miura’s character designs were hugely influential on other comics and games, including Dynasty Warriors, Final Fantasy and Dark Souls. On Thursday, thousands of fans were gathering online to pay tribute to Miura, holding virtual memorials in video games such as Final Fantasy XIV.

His work has some most intricately detailed scenes in the history of Manga. Miura’s vast talent as an artist will leave an equally huge void behind him.

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