Friday Night Open Thread

Friday Night Open Thread

Oh good. Another Disney trailer has dropped.

I don’t know about you but I am smelling yet another Disney bait and switch.

You will note, one of the Inquisitors is a Kick-ass Diverse Woman of Color and in 2022 no KDWC is allowed to be evil. It simply isn’t permissible.

So either the KDWC is a secret Jedi. Or she has a redemption arc. Or worst of all she will be completely JUSTIFIED in hunting down the Jedi because of the secret crimes the Jedi committed in the name of the Patriarchy. At the end, Ewan MacGregor will hang his head in shame admitting she is right about everything.

Regardless, it’s an even-money bet that SHE is the real star of Obi-Wan.

I admit I felt a little something when I saw Ben surveilling the Lars farm and young Luke was pretending to be a pilot. Representing a new hope.

A new hope that meant nothing. The emperor didn’t die and Luke became a testicle-boob-monster milk swilling hobo. It was Rey that was the real hero of the entire Skywalker saga, which is why she was allowed to steal his name. So this entire mini-series is utterly pointless. Let the Inquisitors find and kill young Luke, it will mean nothing. Rey will come along and save everything even if you kill her parents before she is born.

The Star Wars universe will simply will her into existence


An oldie but a goodie


There is an Overwatch “Beta” that is about to drop in a couple of months. From what I can tell they are dropping one tank, Adding Sojourn (because she is a KDWC), and about 4 new maps, plus character redesigns. All of the stuff in this “Beta” are things that could have been included in updates years ago. The promised PvE segment is not going to be included.

And from what I’ve seen this thing is going to be loaded with pay-to-win microtransactions. Which would kill Overwatch if it wasn’t already dead.

I absolutely loved Overwatch when it dropped five years ago, but Blizzard kept trying to drive me off until they succeeded.

I. Am. Not. Coming. Back.

Another win for Microsoft/Blizzard


The reformed science of salting your steak with my favorite insane Eastern European.


The suicidal drama queens at Pixar inserted themselves into Florida’s Anti-Grooming Law controversy. Whining about how all of the wonderful same-sex love stories they had sent to Disney got cut out of their scripts. Conveniently forgetting it was Iger doing the cutting, so he could suck China’s dick.

Apparently, they simply can’t comprehend the fact that Disney doesn’t really need two animation studios, especially if one of them isn’t making money anymore.


If you do not eat enough food on a regular basis, you will die. I honestly feel I should not have to say that but here we are, welcome to 2022. Regardless, this past year has demonstrated that the local supermarket chain is not a reliable source of food for your family.  It took me a while to do it but I now have a network of direct supply for my table for all of the important things.  Beef, milk, chicken, pork, lamb, rabbit, and vegetables.  I should have fish and duck sown up before too long. 

If you haven’t built up your own network by now, start now.




But not really.

If you don’t know the rules ask one of the Darklings.

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