DC Comics Evicted From Their Offices

DC Comics Evicted From Their Offices

Two weeks ago there was a story circulating that DC Comics’ few remaining employees that had been working from home, were told to come in to clean out their desks.

It had to be explained to them that, “no, no, you still have jobs. Although, the assumption was understandable. However, DC Comics is simply not worth the office space that you currently inhabit in the prime real estate market of Burbank.

Warner Brothers won’t pay for that anymore. So get out.

Aside from some editorial offices in (god knows where), everyone else will be required to work from home.

That way when you finally do get your pink slip, you don’t have to go to the bother of cleaning out a desk.

We’re good like that!”

As of today, after 88 years, DC Comics offices are officially closed.

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