Friday Night Open Thread

Friday Night Open Thread


I see Sparkly Batman has dropped.

From everything I’ve heard, it’s typical Bad Reboot filmmaking. The plot is Seven plus the Batman Long Halloween, plus Batman Year Two, plus Batman Hush. With some fashionable Woke washing.

The reviewers that I’m willing to throw the dice on have all said that it’s okay, but not great. It’s not another Marvel movie, that’s nice I guess.

But it does have the standard Bad Reboot Wokeisms throughout. Aside from Batman, all the whites are bad people or are people who just make everything worse, and that includes Alfred. Catwoman literally accuses Batman of “White Male Privilege” which is enough to make me skip it in theaters.


Open Thread

You can write about anything you want to.

But you can’t write it here… Unless it’s about pop culture.


I did not know there was such a thing as a dry-aging bag.

I tried doing the dry-aging thing about ten years ago in my lagering fridge. Epic and disgusting failure.

But I must resume my experiments come spring.

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